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Another weird event for me. Weather was nuts, too.

- poor Fen's nightmare of his apprentice.

- realizing that that ridiculous, rambling, 40 minute discussion with an old man 2 events ago where I was just trying to get a single name out of him was, in fact, highly relevant and contained a fair amount of information that we now needed. Felt like a superhero for managing to dredge several names and crucial pieces of info from that discussion out of my mind at stupid o'clock in the morning.

- being there as we realized that two different plotlines were, in fact, not two different plotlines. :)

- coffee analogies always help!

- "Trev, are you aware of a golem made based on you out there?"
"OK, thanks!" :PC wanders away:

- "So, what do you think my nightmare would be?"
"Red dead."
:approximately 2 minutes later, as he holds Red's dead body in his arms:
"Remember how we were just talking about this? Remember? Two minutes ago? It's not real..."

- Edward mod. Sir Snuggles of the Order of the Sun to the rescue! (Might make him a little tabbard...)

- a new(er) PC being an absolute superhero on an encounter with an evil fae.

- an actual ethical dilemna. Trev does not do those very well.

- training with Robin/Robber. Love that character so much. Trev, less a fan (though she will grudgingly admit he is a pretty good archer).

- WHY ALL THE FAIRIES. WHY. :( (Trev is very, very unamused that there are actually a couple of fairies who she likes, now. Stupid fairies.)

- I actually remembered elf names! Go me!

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