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Had a fun time at MM. Still having some issues connecting with the game, but had some awesome stuff happen regardless.

- the entire Friday-night mod was extremely rough, dangerous, and exhausting, and a ton of fun. It's fun to be part of a coordinated, bad-ass group (even if we took a while to get our rhythm down) and to really have to work for your victories, and wow did we work a lot for that one. Those were some scarily competent fighters on the other side. We fought for what seemed like forever with only a few short breaks to rest and rehydrate, and we made it (was really, really not sure about that for much of it). Still not sure what we learned at the end, but I think a lot of it will make more sense going forward.

- Kumir doing a great guilt-trip on me when I got back at almost-light-o'clock in the morning about not having told him where I was going or left a note or something, so he, Ruakhi, and Anyasha all stayed up to wait for us to get home.

- mod for the Dancer at the Water's edge, and being told, "This is the hardest path that you could have picked for yourself." Yes, yes in fact I had noticed that. Not sure if Omi's going to pass this one.

- talking with Igva about stats was actually really fun. I felt like I was helpful, which I always like. :)

- long talk with Ruakhi. "I'm sure you've been told this a thousand times, but..."
"No, actually."
"Mostly people just congratulated me."

- Ice cream fight! (Well, OK, seer fight, but for us it was all about eating ice cream while we rested to get our spells and armor back. I'm surprised no one got sick.)

- talking to Surendra (life-priest guy) was a ton of fun

- teaming up with Anyasha to take notes on a mod where she stayed on one NPC while I went to the second one so that we'd cover all the notes. Just like old times.

- cursed woods mod was awesome, fun fighting and then the special twist at the end where Rochus had to provide inspiration to us rather than us providing inspiration to him. Hit me like a punch to the gut, that one did.

- saving Kaelis in the blood thrall fight (even if I didn't know it was Kaelis at the time). Also, spending part of that fight running around with Leung, Jace, etc. :)

- hilarious ironic situation where we thought that Angus had been sent out to murder Wyv and she was with me and Ruakhi (in Madrigal there's a plotline that involves exactly that group of OOG people, but the assassin/target designations are *very* different).

- playing music with Kumir Sunday morning. :) Always fun, and we were really together for some reason this time. Played until my fingers started vigorously protesting. Am out of practice.

- becoming sisters with Wyv and the Guide. Sort of came out of nowhere, but Omi is actually super happy about it. Is going to be some adjusting for all of us, I think, but yay family!

- Also, "So... it turns out I *am* a unicorn..."

Also I have completely awesome OOG friends who were there for me when I needed some help with stuff this event. You guys know who you are, and thanks, you're awesome.

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