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Had a fun time at the CW one-day.

- showing up at the last minute for a mod to help Arafel and unloading all my damage into the few wolves we found. Then rather self-consciously NOT stepping into the fae realm along with half the mod group.

- web mod! I really like physical challenge mods and this one was really tough, but in a fun way. The webs were everywhere and also tied into the branches and bushes I had to climb on top of, which made it really hard to not jingle any of the bells attached to the strings. Also, lesson learned. When stripping down to climb through a web with bells... remove jingly necklaces, too. They didn't get in the way, but they totally made the same sound as the bells, making me think I'd triggered the bells *every* time I moved at all.

- some fun RP with the various Riding Hoods who were in town :)

- really fun/rough mod investigating the invasive plants where they managed to turn walking on a path in the woods into it's own physical challenge mod as we tried to move silently past NPCs on a path that had all sorts of leaves and twigs on it. Then eventually it did get triggered, and we had to fight our way out, leaving one of our allies behind.

- fun archer hijinks with Greta

- entertaining discussion with Robin and Little John

- being called out by Harkness as I was wandering around with an empty plate with the intention of filling it back up at dinnertime, only to be physically shoved into a circle and found myself face to face with King Roderick and the High Queen.
"Why am I in front of the king and queen?"
"Because you're going to brief them on what's going on."
"I am?!"

- Having Chione run up to me and, practically exploding with excitement, tell me that she was becoming a fairy godmother.

- Bodyguarding Gwendolyn through the nightmare fight and she didn't get touched the whole time, even as I ran up to the line to dump damage into something when Fen called, or when both of us ran into a group that had been overrun by wolves trying to get them back up faster than the wolves could cut us down.

- as a side note to the entire weekend, I sorta love that all of the NPC wolves recognize the Riding Hood hood and hate me for it. The ones that were (temporarily) on our side glared at me and made threatening comments, and the rest of them just tried to kill me. It's sort of terrifying, but in a good way.

- Final fight was pretty awesome. From the waves of wolves to the extremely bad plan (well, bad for me personally), to the prep with the priests helping me out, and then discovering while playing bait that the big demon wolf had deaths for some of us. Felt extremely dangerous and not a little desperate from time to time. I discovered a deep and abiding love for whoever it was that stopped the wolves from dragging me off the line. Eventually I did manage to get myself killed by the demon wolf, at which point I got to be brought back to life with the relifer machine, which was sorta awesome in and of itself (OOG, IG Trev would like to avoid that again, thank you very much). The men of science are so creepy and weird. :)

That's a lot of highlights for a one day. Thanks to PCs and NPCs both.

Date: 2014-07-23 12:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rakasta53.livejournal.com
Hey, Trev wanted to be a hood, that comes with responsibility. I can't be held accountable if that responsibility results in awkward-time with royalty

Also, had a blast BSing with you as Robin. Thank you!

Date: 2014-07-23 02:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jjmarika.livejournal.com
No one said anything about responsability when I signed up. They said danger, long hours, no money, and hunting wolves. I never signed up for this responsability crap! :-P

And Robin is always hilarious. Watching him and Little John bickering was fanastic, too.
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