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Life continues to be busy and at least moderately stressful, but onwards and upwards and all that good stuff.

So I've been at my new job a little over a month now. Am getting used to NOT being super stressed and pissed off all the time, which is a nice change. Extra money is nice, too. It took me most of that first month just to get set up on the various systems I'd need (and finding out what those systems were and figuring out the utterly labyrinthine methods required for getting access to those systems) and to do the training for my company(ies). Have actually started doing work now, which is nice.

It's very basic stuff (at least it seems so to me), but am told that I'm doing great and am really helping to push things forward on my projects (yay boxing up 39 boxes of files to be shipped off), so that's good. I am also, with my grand total of 3 weeks experience, now the expert on three of the systems we're using, which is both hilarious and a bit frightening. (OK, one of them I had experience with before coming here.) Hopefully there will be a bit more interesting stuff in the future, but honestly, right now, simple is probably the best.

This weekend [livejournal.com profile] klee39 moved in (and I expect [livejournal.com profile] draketamarack to be around mostly, too), along with her two kitties. Should be fun having her around, and I'm also excited about having animals around, even if the next couple of weeks are probably going to be moderately uncomfortable for me until my allergies decide that these cats are ok.

I'll be sticking around for another couple of months, and then moving down to Watertown to live with a friend. I have a lot of mixed feelings about that for a million reasons (none of which are related to that friend, to be clear), but it is likely the best choice for me. I am not at all conflicted about the reduction in my commute that it will represent. 35-ish miles to 8 and probably only a half hour of driving (instead of my current hour+).

So, larping has been... interesting in the past few weeks, which is impressive given that there
hasn't actually been an event. A week ago last Friday, there came the announcement that MM was being cancelled. :( Then, two days later, found out that half of Aralis staff quit, including the guy who was running, oh, 75-80% of my stuff. :( Then I found out that a chunk of my friends are also not returning to that game. :( I have faith that the staff is going to do their absolute best to cover/continue those plots, and I'm planning on playing it out (there's only a year left and I want to see what happens), but man, kicking me while I was down.

Oh, good stuff - 5th Gate playtest happened, and was fun. The two sides are going to be very, very different, and not just because of the different flavors of the worlds.

So my parents are moving to Arizona shortly (they have already put an offer in on a house that has been accepted and are trying to sell their condo here right now). It's a work thing, and they didn't really have any choice in the matter, but it's still making me extremely sad and the timing is terrible. (And yes, they know this and feel terrible about it but, as said, not much choice in the matter.)

My weight also went WAY high this winter, between the holidays in Nov/Dec, and then I got sick and stayed sick pretty much Feb-Mar, I was over a dozen pounds up above where I should be. Am working on it, and am currently down about 7.5 lbs from the high, and have not been actively starving myself or denying myself food at parties and suchlike, so that's good. Still a ways to go, though.

Went and did an aerial class with some friends this weekend, which was a ton of fun. Would like to do another/more of that, maybe when I'm closer. The class also demonstrated the parts of me that are *not* getting exercised by my regular routine (most specifically, my forearms, which hate me right now). Something to work on.

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