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Had a fun time at Cottington Woods, and the weather was even halfway decent! :)

- getting a big group of people together to discuss the whole Wild Hunt thing, and having it be interrupted by several of us being kidnapped to go discuss things with the second in the Wild Hunt herself.

- the dolls were so creepy... Trev wanted nothing to do with them, but they *were* cool to watch wandering around the Cotting House being creepy.

- getting to meet another Wanderkin! :)

- the very very dark fight against the vampires Friday night. I really couldn't see a thing, which turned out to be a good thing when I got frenzied by the vampire. My backpack for the fight very smartly hit the ground the second it happened so the only target I was able to locate was, in fact, the vampire who frenzied me in the first place, so I chased him for a bit, which was fun.

- chatting with Malcom, and the fantastically perfect timing of the request that Trev come help Morris with a fairy (also, getting to drape a very grumpy Morris in ALL THE COLORS)

- at some point during the day Saturday, during a discussion about how Trev doesn't really get a lot of the euphemisms used around her, Fen gave her the fantastic advice that any time she didn't understand what a euphemism was for, she should assume it meant 'sex'. I may have had way too much fun with this for the rest of the event.

- some random chatting with Aiden :)

- desperate run with Chione to try to get to join Durrin in rescuing Virtue from the vampires. There was a lot of desperate possuming, healing ourselves with potions, and doing slow first aid to fix people's limbs behind the lines while the fight raged behind us.

- fun talk with an unhappy elf. Is interesting to see that relationship develop over time.

- the craziness that was the gathering-herbs mod with the guy from Asylum. Fairly standard fight, followed by the !surprise! slow by poison, which took a fairly standard mod to something a bit more dangerous. Then !surprise! interference by a friendly elf, with a random quick exchange with him in the middle of the fight. THEN we realized that we'd left our friendly Asylum guy back amongst the Invasive. :sigh: We're good at this. So we went back for him. THEN I got to break some bad news to the nice elf.

- the Wild Hunt fight was sorta crazy. After several attempts at getting past the hounds that largely resulted in people making heroic last stands to let the group that had to get to the second of the hunt get away, I somehow got separated from the group, so after swinging through the tavern several times, I gave up on finding them myself and started running around with/following the Wild Hunt, since *they* had lots of 'expose PC group I'm trying to find'. I needed to be there when they found that group, so I figured if I stayed with them I'd likely be close when it happened. Happily enough, it worked, and when the group started frantically yelling for me, I was about 15 feet away in the darkness. I felt like a badass, at least until I then found three puddles and bounced off of the NPC we were supposed to be talking to in my attempt to cover that 15 feet in the dark. There were also some cool scenes involving the Luminous and Riordan. :)

- The accordion curse. Oh my goodness, the accordion curse. Have not laughed that much in a while...

- "You must each chose one of the great animal lords to embody for this fight..." (NPC starts to list off the various animal spirits. One of them is 'the great hunter'.)
Trev: "I want to be the hunter."
NPC: "Perhaps you wish to review what abilities they will grant you..."
Trev: "Sure, but I'm going to be the hunter."
(Also, Fen was totally my hero for that fight.)

- Awkward talks with Red! I totally said up front that I was bad at those kinds of discussions, and I am! At least she didn't murder me...

- interesting talks with Rowan over the course of the event...

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