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Had a fun time at CW. :)

- first mod/fight of the weekend was extremely rough, and Trev found herself in the unenviable position of being the ping-pong-ball being knocked back and forth between two bad things. There was some version of the demon wolf in Wonderland, and oh yes he remembers me and still hates me. And still has deaths for me! So I have a Paul-wolf standing in front of me swinging death. Behind me, in the center of our circle formation (that's probably a full 8 feet wide), is Baeldannen. So the sequence usually went like this:
demon wolf: death, death, death
Me: block, block, ohgodjumpbackwardsorhe'llkillme! :bounces into Baeldannen:
Baeldannen: How DARE you touch me, I'll teach you! Agony!
Me: screaming
Baeldannen: Oh, it's YOU. Triple agony!
Me: more screaming, stumble forward, into
demon wolf: stricken? oh wait, death

Repeat. Eventually it ended up with me both dead AND crouched on the ground double maimed and agonied while Baeldannen walked in circles around me telling me how she *was* going to teach me manners, but not right now, because I needed to get back on the line. (Rosemary, Gentian, and Fen were all my heroes on that mod for making sure I made it back in relatively one piece.)

- Puzzles! I get to do more puzzles and things for chess pieces!

- Reading the story about 'The Girl Who Could Not Smile' Eeeee! So much food for thought! So many fun discussions with people over the weekend. :)

- the sort of hilariously ridiculous fail on a sneaky mod

- Wonderland style sticks and stones

- final destruction of the anathema rock

- figuring out who the dream catcher was supposed to go to (not quite in time, but maybe before permanent damage was done?)

- destroying Aurora's heart (and also Kat getting cured earlier on)

- The Telling was quite cool, and loved the moon costume at the end

- we rescued Edward! Ha! Victory! One of the things I like about playing Trev is that she can be so ridiculously joyous when things go well. There's no self consciousness, jealousy or jadedness when she's happy, she's just super happy to be part of someone's success and to be sharing in their joy a bit. It's a neat change from most of my other characters. (Largely because she sort of lacks the self-awareness to have those other emotions, but hey, still fun.)

- Kat becoming a riding hood!

- bodyguarding Alice through the Jabberwocky fight. I do not envy the people who do that on a regular basis...

- helping to rescue Virtue at the end
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