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Once again, Cottington was faced by some challenges when we got to site and large chunks of the main road onto camp were nothing but knee-deep mud. But both the players with 4-wheel-drive large vehicles and the camp staff were great, and took turns ferrying our stuff to the cabins. Then the truck containing all of the gear for monster camp got stuck, and a large number of people jumped in and unloaded the truck and carried everything to monster camp from almost the tavern building.

With all of that, game still got started by 11:30, which I was pretty impressed by. Other than the challenges walking anywhere and a bit of cold, the actual weekend situation wasn't too bad.

* getting to talk to a bunch of wanderkin Friday night. :)

* Malcom's cure, and Rowan's terrible sacrifice. Actually had dragged Malcom outside to figure out whether or not he needed to die and whether or not I was going to try to do so (not by myself, not quite that dumb) so that Red wouldn't have to do it, when Rowan came out. (Finally) told him what was going on, and he got a really odd look on his face and asked some leading questions, then suddenly transferred the curse to himself, and Trev became very, very, sad, and completely convinced that she'd just watched Rowan kill himself. Carried Malcom inside and basically threw him at Red and then ran back outside to find Rowan so fast that I didn't actually get to see their happy reunion (sad). Was a really intense set of scenes.

* I have a spiffy magic bow!

* having other PCs make the game I invented happen, and then getting to play it. Shal did a great job guiding me through the web maze while blinded. And Tyalie seems to be doing better!

* trying to find Clarissa, and realizing afterwards exactly what the rats did when they destroyed only *one* of the dolls. Poor Yorick.

* crawling through the web-maze the other PCs built while blindfolded while Shal gave me verbal instructions. She did a great job, and it was a lot of fun. :)

* possibly the most awkward family reunion I've ever seen. "So... when I said 'climbed out the window', there might have been some exaggeration..."

* discussions on dignity

* the summer picnic. Poor Morris. Poor, poor Morris. And I got to do a puzzle and listen to music and throw rings at Morris's head... (really, Trev fails at the concept of game on a rather epic level)

* 'rescuing' Aranthir (he likely had it covered), and meeting Miriel. Totally tragic. Also, apparently I'm collecting random elf stuff.

* fight against the mother invasive - it was a complicated fight, and we did manage to get through it, even if I couldn't manage to get off the front lines. (And may have had an indignant, "Not fair!" response when I stepped up and saw Melissa and Griff opposite me.)

* story time with Yorick and Fen! Who can make the most casually disturbing comment contest! (Yorick won.)

* being totally on in the beast fight on Sunday. Just couldn't miss Gaston.

* Bethany's attempted kidnapping. You want to talk to me? Outside? Without other people? Um... sure. Why yes, I'm bringing my weapon, we might get attacked, why is that bothering you? And now you want to walk off into town away from people? Um... how about we just talk here, in sight of everyone... and then she made a terribly effective threat, and totally triggered Trev's flight response (which apparently alarmed some people), and suddenly six people materialized out of nowhere. Trev has awesome friends.

* Robin's story was utterly hilarious/awesome, and also had some interesting information, and fighting. My favorites!

* Fun fight/plan at the end, with getting Robin in as our spy, and a really rough fight. :)

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