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Weird Aralis dream event was this weekend. For those not there, it involved a bunch of largely unrelated scenes in a variety of settings (some which fit in with the game world, and others, like 'modern club' and 'space marines', which didn't), but we were playing our characters (our some facsimile thereof) throughout. Was neat.

- There were a million little moments in the first east/west fight, but a couple of my favorites:
* "It is a thing I need to do until I become a knight."
:mental alarms go off:
"I'm Ceri."
"Philip." (Internal monologue goes: HA! I knew it!)
* "you killed innocent people! "
"We're not here to do that. I don't want to fight you... just gods and priests."
:angry stare:
"Unless you're a priest. .."
"I am."
* being oddly sad at various points as we successfully saved our comrades... thus preventing them from resetting their stats.
* "Can I kill this one?"
"What about this one?"
"This one? "
"No! "
"What about this one?"
"... yes."
* various insults passed back and forth between an equally grumpy Fathom and Nyorai.
* "she stopped me from killing you, so you owe her! "
* instituting the Phoenix protocol on Fujiwara

- finding it really hard to actually not react as Squint held Fathom's body after I got killed in the heart of the world encounter. And then it got harder when Astrid came over...

- "You aren't here to rescue me, are you? Because if you are, we're having words."
"I'm here to kill a demon."
"Well, that's sort of ok..."

-realizing what was going on with the traitor and going, "shit, she's marked us all..."

- trying very hard to not have Squint notice where I was going and what was happening to me during the dinner in hell encounter, and not having it work even a little bit. Am a bit sad that he didn't have a weapon in hand at the time, because while it world have gone SO poorly, it would have been interesting.

- fun time on the deceiver mod with a group I don't usually go on mods with. Was brutal, fight wise, but SO MANY BADASS MOMENTS. Loved it.

- Jyn​ ​playing my sister during the club scene, and being utterly brutal in twisting the knife a few times, mostly by being very nice. Also the way more dramatic than anticipated separation at the end. Did not anticipate being physically pulled away while trying to hold on her hands...

- bunch of fun interactions with other pc's as our brains glitched between the scene we were in and the real world. Also people pushing Squint and Fathom at each other, which was amusing.

- discovering that they have a very different dynamic when out of their normal circumstances

Low light was more accidentally letting my body temp drop to dangerous levels and thus missing the epic space bug end to the college party. I ended up going back to our base camp, as it was, attempting to sleep, making the problem worse, and finally stumbling upstairs to monster camp to beg for help. Luckily Alysha and Jyn​​ were there and shared both clothes and body heat with me until I started to warm up. A million thanks to them and everyone else in monster camp who continued to pile warm things on me, get me hot drinks, and give me heat packs until it was time to go home.


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