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Am in a weird place with regard to Aralis. It's over, but it didn't feel particularly like an end, which is both a positive and a negative. Fathom/Ceridwen has a lot in front of her, and large amounts of uncertainty, and there wasn't really a sense of '... and wrap'.

I do know that I will miss, a lot, playing with a fantastic group of people. Need to figure out a game we can all play together and scheme and laugh and cry and scream at and with each other again. THAT I am already missing...

- the whole mess with the Nameless, and volunteering to be the one to die so that he'd go away

- figuring out a cosmological thing! Only took me 9 years!

- having an NPC that Fathom loves show up in the company of one she's terrified of, and trying to deal with both of those things at once.

- heartbreaking final scene with Sir Phillip. Considering my first interactions with him involved Fathom deliberately trying to make his life difficult while trying to avoid being anywhere alone with him for fear that he'd stab me, would never have thought that they'd end up in that situation.

- watching the Angel get led off in chains was sorta rough, too (though not nearly as bad).

- breaking down after the mod, and having to kill Phillip, and actually having people around to help.

- connecting briefly with a broken little girl

- "By His Voice, cure Chaosbound."

- after only that morning talking with Squint about having children 'after', the Lady of Stars makes him an offer that would take that future away. Ridiculously tense scene, for all that everyone within was very friendly. Fathom trying not to gloat too smugly when Squint said he'd stay human (and with her).

- being caught between two of her closest friends in a terrible situation

- Najita's got wings again!

- oh, they're robots, that explains it

- not exactly an IG highlight, but realizing partway through the Blight Fight that wow, I was doing a lot of running around and was still upright (go exercising)! Also, finding out later that Griff and I had the same thought about it being karmic retribution for the Lord of Pyres fight.

- using the whole noble thing to get Squint a weapon at the wedding, and discovering that, yes, Fathom really does start to get very twichy and unhappy when unarmed.

- deciding what to do 'after', and extending an invitation to Yoko

- the whole remembrance scene. Fathom decided at some point that afternoon, while thinking about Phillip, that really a lot of people had come and gone, both in the last few years and in life in general, and wanted to do something to remember them, maybe with one or two other people. Squint took the idea and ran with it, and we ended up with pretty much the entire playerbase standing around calling out names of people, PC and NPC, who had all been in New Liberty at one time or another and were now gone (either dead or just elsewhere).

- some awesome RP with Sade both leading up to the Hell trip and on the trip itself.

- getting to see Lin Zeshu one more time. Also, feeling bad for +Stephen Griffin the entire time...

- "good-bye, sister"


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