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Actually had decent weather at Cottington for a change! Ha!

- "It's a real girl..."
- Hilarious and terrible bonding with what was likely an awful person while drinking.
- hiding from Bethany, and being the one to spot her jumping Yorick outside.
- getting to break out my big damage thingee during the skinwalker fight very dramatically. Felt like a total badass. Also, finally defeating the skinwalker after years of work! Ha!
- listening to Rosemary go off on people she'd been holding back with for years.
- finding out that one of Trev's Riding Hood friends is actually significant, plot-wise
- wedding scene was a lot of fun. I got to dress up (and got a beautiful flower circlet from Chione/Erin), see other people in cool costumes, and meet/hang out with a bunch of neat characters.
- Werewolf killing training!
- rescuing the Sugarplum fairy. Hilarious/awesome mod, with both a good shot of terror and a fair amount of humor. So much fun.
- Invasive fight was a lot of fun, from my end. Loved getting to do archer duels with Robin (and also getting shot up by Aranthir) and spending time going at it with various PCs, catching some, getting caught by others. Also, totally stabbed Arafel because I wasn't sure what to do if I did get to the circle... The cure stuff was totally horrible, too...
- we rescued Eruve! Yay!
- the giant plant creature was hilarious
- would not have expected it, but had a lot of fun with the great animal spirits scene, mostly on account of picking fights with Wolf to keep him away from Fen. Also watching Coyote flash his neck at Wolf at one point was hilarious. And commiserating with the Great Hunter about being the only human-ish thing in the bunch.
- Rat king fight was sorta crazy. Was amused that my healer training as Omi was actually way more useful than most of Trev's stuff, as I chased Yorick around and tried to block the Rat King's attacks. You can't have his legs. I've got those. Rough fight, but Yorick was sort of a superhero.
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