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Was a fun time, despite oppressive heat/humidity. Bit slow during the day, but honestly I didn't want to do all that much until the sun went down and the temperature dropped.

- Wanderkin! Lots of them, including Trev's (non-missing) cousins. Being called 'little Trev' was hilarious, and was fun to talk to them all, even if a couple of the conversations were not particularly happy.

- Trev's birthday! Erin was kind enough to offer to make me/Trev a birthday cake for the event cause it was close to my actual birthday, but I didn't expect her (and others) to make an actual thing of it. I got presents, a card, and many hilarious conversations with people over the course of the event as I explained why it was Trev's first birthday.

- all the tracking tags! Not sure why, but had a tremendous amount of fun with it at the event. Was also cool that when it came up on a mod, had already scouted the area well enough to be able to go, "This is new and relevant... that's a rabbit... that's old werewolf tracks..."

- a long, sad, confusing talk with Aiden. Trev is bad at that sort of thing, but he seemed to take it as well as he could, and I saw him talking to tons of other people later.

- just hanging out with the Riding Hoods and chatting with them during dinner. Was fun. Also, managing to keep up my amazing streak with regard to Trev being approached about fairy stuff while Malcom was around.

- Phoenix reborn! :) (With a side of sad for an NPC who got maimed on the mod. But the mod was cool.)

- an interesting discussion with Earnest

- MURDERING WEREWOLVES! May have looked at the fight, come to the conclusion it was going poorly, and dumped most of my per-event damage into the werewolves, clearing out about half of them in a few seconds. Go archers. Also, the conversation that several of the werewolf hunters had about Rowan later.

- "By my voice, expose werewolf."
:from 5 feet in front of me: "Augh!"
Black Queen: "What are you doing?"
"I'm annoying them."
Black King and Queen look at each other. "Sounds good to me."

- being very on with my packet-throwing during the final fight. Was routinely hitting Koshe 15-20 feet back and behind several NPCs. (My running theory is that my subconscious decided that in order to get to bed, that NPC needed to go away, and that's why I was hitting him so much.) Almost makes up for the abomination that was the archery contest earlier...


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