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Sep. 9th, 2015 12:02 pm
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Had a good time at the 5G event. Was hot, but not unbearably so. I ran around a lot and healed people and hit things and got a couple of compliments on my fighting (and have got proof of the spot on my arm that I don't block, via a nice bruise in that spot and nowhere else, :sigh:). So much cool RP with people and theory-crafting and trying to figure out the world.

- nope, the Veiled really do not want to fight necromancers on their own. Ouchy. But I totally got to use my new cure metabolic! Yay!
- meeting some of the new Veiled. :)
- meeting Avelina! (Founder of our Order.) She is awesome... and wow is it a good thing that she handed off leadership of the order...
- The Arcane Circle fight (otherwise known as "Battleship with Math") was very very rough. Trying to figure out how several different sets of equations relate to each other (not in a mathematical sense) when all you have is a couple of names for them told by an emotionless magic construct is tough. Trying to do that in the dark while everywhere around you people are fighting and dying is tougher. Spent most of the fight sprinting from one end of the field to the other to pick up groups that had either screamed for help or gotten rolled entirely.
- got to use my new mitigate death, too. Yay?
- creepy, creepy discussion with the Corpsborn. And an offer. Am SO TORN on that. Probably a bad idea, but... infos!
- managing to offend both Friedrich and Kurt at various points in the weekend. Nacera is most definitely not a lady. And proud of it.
- the Harvest's Maw is a jerk. Stupid waste 2 vitality. Was totally satisfying to run after him with Kurt, one of the new Veiled, and one of the Blood Angels and FINALLY beat him into the ground.
- scared farmers. Awww.
- meeting with the Silverfire King. WOW is he full of crazy. Wow.
- Kurt/Friedrich hopping up onto a rock to avoid being soaked when we broke a dam. :)
- figuring out how the clues recovered by Hollis' group related to a vision another PC had had earlier.
- helping Numya with her stuff. Her poor friend from the Golden Temple...
- Math Hell part 3. Narrowing our options down to 40 potential combinations, and then asking a couple of Veiled if they were willing to just pound through trying them out and sucking the damage rather than trying to do 4 digit long multiplication in the dark to check. Also, "That's not too many options left at this point, right?" "It's 40. 40 options." "That's why you're the math people."
- hearing Kaiden tell the story of him nearly being murdered several times by the oni. His glee was both adorable and a little alarming.
- OMG the Sunday morning mod. Creepy and alarming and awesome all at once.
- liked getting a bit of an inside view on some of the Scholarch's thought processes.
- Wow our family has the worst genetic traits ever. Was super glad other PCs were willing to get involved in that conversation and help out.
- really also enjoyed the final compass fights. And got a fantastic look from an NPC as I started explaining to a PC how he hadn't really just taken the effect that the NPC had delivered. :)

Can't wait for the next event already.
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