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Wow the weather was beautiful. Just perfect. Feels like it's been forever since I larped when I wasn't frozen or overly warm.

Now, onto actual game highlights:

- Fen's nightmare mod. Poor, poor Fen. The wolves were bad enough, but then we got to the people begging him for help, and it just got worse from there... Also loved the moment in there when we went up to the mysterious sandman-teacher guy, and the two of us looked at him and were like, "Totally know who he really is... well, maybe not, but no, it *has* to be him."
- Trev continuing her tradition of picking fights with many things. Was very busy with both Korrin and the nightmare Harrow on the field at the same time.
- the entire thing with Aiden and Morrigan. Trying to convince him to go in the first place, and then the moment when he actually saw her. So awesome. And, you know, awkward. Poor guy.
- the 'birth' of Verdant Triumph. Very very neat, and led to some fantastic RP with Morris.
- Bethany's gone, yay Blue! Giving advice to a newly-freed golem (and having a lot of people look at me like clearly Trev was the expert on this).
- Having an interesting discussion with Robin on the nature of freedom, free will, and responsibility, in the middle of the whole mess with the planning for the war.
- talking to the king as a result of that conversation. Got him to make almost the same face that several of my fellow PCs make when dealing with Trev's own brand of logic. But hey, he didn't murder me or anyone else in the room, and went along with it. Winning!
- rescuing Gentian, and *almost* preventing her brother from getting inflicted. Should have just yanked him off the stage. Stupid impulses to not injure people OOG... :-P
- discussions with various people who were all having a very bad evening (the competition for 'worst evening' was surprisingly brisk)
- Ha! Got the Invasive-Rock! Take that!
- when the Influence board came out after Baeldannen had been messing with it, and everyone standing around the table instantly put their tokens down together. In about 15 seconds we had beaten her number of stones.
- watching Morris beat up the brooms and buckets and cheering him on
- finally finding out how Trev was created while watching a bunch of touching scenes, and Trev being ridiculously happy about it.
- also loved the concept of 'golems remember firsts better'. "I remember the first time I fell asleep. It was terrible. I closed my eyes and 8 hours were gone. No one warned me!"
- "Guys, there are werewolf tracks everywhere..."

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