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Now that I've made it through Madrigal, 5G (Wrathborn), and actually had a weekend off (with sleeping!), a couple of PC-safe Madrigal highlights:

Was a pretty awesome event overall. Didn't get to everything (was hoping, but wasn't really hopeful), but got through a lot of it, so yay. Our schedule was a bit... intense this event. We had a lot of fights to get through, so at some point in the development process someone (probably Rob) suggested a couple of split field fights... and then that somehow became *every* fight is a split field fight and we still didn't have enough time at night, and MUST RUN ALL THE THINGS!

- while walking onto a mod where the PCs were supposed to ambush us, found a couple of bodies lying across the road. What? There hasn't even been any violence yet!

- machine mod - not everything went *exactly* as planned, but it went pretty well. Machine sounds were awesome, and the PCs did a great job of figuring things out on the fly. And hopefully they will be set for next event?

- my anaketh got a song! It was so awesome!

- some very fun RP with Eruanna, Aelemyra, and Orchid as my Eluviar

- waiting for the PCs to arrive for the Inquisitor mod, and having a hard time keeping myself in an appropriately angry frame of mind, with the beautiful weather, the birds chirping at me, and an absolutely insane squirrel screaming about... something... from the tree right in front of me. Anyway, eventually the PCs got there and the squirrel had happily finished whatever he was doing in time for me to be very, very grouchy.

- Stephen's stupid little air elemental in the Pangaeus fight. *Everyone* wanted to stab him. Also, a moment of OOG surprise when I brought the PCs up to the fight location and roughly double the NPCs that had been ready to go when I went out to hook suddenly appeared. Also, sure, I totally remember this highly theoretical thing we vaguely discussed in a brainstorm session 5 years ago and can run it through my character's perspective on five seconds notice...

- a very interesting discussion with the Vesperans

- end of the Souldrinker plotline. Did not going 100% as intended, but it did go fairly well, and I was pleased. Could not actually get to the line because the shamans were so efficient at taking me out (go shamans). Was a cool and terrifying plotline to run overall, as I got to see a lot of people that I never even thought were going to participate step up at unexpected moments. Also... the realization partway through that there's no actual way to scale 'kenning duel' or 'riddle contest' the way you'd scale a fighting encounter was a very very unhappy surprise. But it mostly worked, and I liked the story we told. Thank you, PCs.

- so apparently there is a minimum makeup requirement that I need to hit to staff Madrigal. I was all excited about the new options for less makeup for some of the Wayward (not my idea, but I was totally going to use it to my advantage), and then I played my Anaketh (gold glitter!) FOUR TIMES in the event (she was on the schedule once).
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