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Well, it was freezing, but we knew that was coming, because apparently mother nature is a troll. 70s all last week, and then 30 for Cottington. Still, I think everyone came in prepared, which made things, if not comfortable, at least tolerable, and it got almost nice-ish by Sunday.

- running down the merc who stole Bart's key and having a reasonable discussion with him
- first fight against the werewolves, using the horn I've been carrying around for years (so *that's* what it does!), and then me and Red basically tanking Fenris (with a lot of healer back-up) all the way down the hill during the retreat.
- the mod with Fen's evil apprentice was great. Very creepy, so much evil, and I had a fun moment of totally breaking the bad guy's train of thought. Then Fen cursed him. Was awesome. :)
- poor Durin's father...
- negotiating a deal with some fairies, and hearing with equal satisfaction and fear, "See? I told you she was interesting..."
- sitting around with Gentian, Vincent, and Yorick, laughing our asses off as we yelled nonsense at each other as we stacked on the various inflicts to get puzzle pieces.
- Chione asking Trev to be her anchor for a big magical bad idea
- moment I never thought I'd see coming - all the werewolf hunters and Riding Hoods running to rescue Grandmother.
- minstrels - some NPCs came in and just played music for a while, and clapping and dancing happened, and it was fun
- talking to Miriam when she visited as a ghost
- big werewolf fight was awesome. Very rough, and there were a couple times I wasn't sure we were going to actually get him enough. (Also, was not convinced that Malcom was going to live through the fight, especially after I watched Fenris nail the people on either side of him with agonies so he could try to murder Malcom. Also was not convinced any of the werewolf hunters were going to live through the fight with how much death he was swinging at us.) Spent the entire fight (after he got made vulnerable to silver), circling within the lines waiting for him to get close enough (and isolated enough) to nail with a maim so that we could rush out and circle beat him. And we did it! No one died permanently, no one got bitten. Dead Fenris. Ha!
- Trev is sorta crazy, and it amuses me
- Rowan's death was really sad/moving, between Chione being there, and Hay's singing, and yeah... all of that. Best death he was going to get, but... ugh.
- had fun in the Black fight using the nifty magic sword to swing damage 'to Black'. Also the moment I realized that Laneaus wasn't just sorta a werewolf, he was actually a werewolf...

And we did not burn down the forest for real. The end.

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