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Good Madrigal event, but man it took it out of me. So much prepwork, so many details to try to remember/get in, with no chance at a second take if they got messed up. Not everything went exactly as I'd like, but there was SO much awesome I can't be that sad about it.

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Fun event. Weather was weird, sort of cold and wet Friday night, followed by enough warmth to knock some people out with dehydration/heat stroke.

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Fun Aralis event. I'm still waiting for the weather to actually feel like 'spring'. This event it was (literally) freezing at night, and hot and sunny enough during the days that I got sunburned (note to self: acquire sunscreen). Way less emotionally wrought that my last several events, which was sort of a nice break. Plus, Fathom really needed that time to get her head screwed back on and to become less insane.

Some highlights:

- You want me to meet with who? Does he realize that's not the sort of thing you just 'get over'?
- Listening to the completely-reasonable request of the usery demon and finding that there was no fucking way Fathom could agree to it.
- Meeting in the tea house.
- Extremely rough fight on Jingoku island. At one point I was maimed in both my right arm and my right leg, rolled under a table to hide from the NPCs, with Phoenix's unconscious body on one side and Squint's unconscious and bleeding body in front of me while I tried to first aid him while ducking packets. Fun times. :)
- fun mission crawling through a trapped building to fight blood zombies, solve a riddle/puzzle to get our objective, and then crawling our way back out.
- "You regret that incident? Oh no, you don't regret it yet..."
- several of the NPCs at the art house were utterly hilarious. (And hearing that someone tried to hire the company to steal something I already had was pretty funny, too.)
- which leads to... the professor of psychology, who I think was my favorite NPC of the weekend. And wow watching his face while Sade explained her decision-making 'process' was fantastic...
- the tourist trip was pretty awesome, too. "You are in a fair amount of physical danger right now, yet you seem remarkably calm. Is this not alarming to you?" :Several New Liberty veterans glance at each other as we step over each other's bodies in a narrow hallway trying to get to bugs and shrug:
- watching people descend en masse upon the pile of puzzles and codes that I was handed
- realizing that Mitsuko wasn't being difficult, and that she really was *that* out of the loop on the elemental items thing. Oops.
- the trip in to the caverns was pretty awesome, too. Rough fight, but everyone worked together really well and was on-plan and we got through it relatively smoothly.
- being asked about Gwynneth wedding customs and not knowing what to say.
- standing alone in Jingoku watching the undead demon garandi people inflict most everyone and not being able to do anything to stop it while the demons commented on how much it must suck for me to be a silent witness to all of this.
- the Terrant fight was rough, too. And being stabbed in your spirit SUCKS.
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Reposting Melissa's evil test so I can find it again. :)

test beneath cut )

And for my own reference, my current score on various PCs:

Omi got to 10, after over a decade of playing, mostly on technicalities like 'turns into a supernatural being' and 'inflicted someone'.

Fathom, unsurprisingly, made it all the to 28 (probably 1/4 of which were in the last event or two).

And Trev made it to 6, despite having played her only a year.

Need to do Mary, too, at some point, though I expect her to be very low because she was only around for three events.
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Madrigal revel went well. Physical conditions at the site were rough, which was especially sad because the weather was actually pretty fantastic (50s during the day, low 30s at night, about as good as you're going to get for a winter event). But the inch and a half of ice (with 1/4 of an inch of water on top) made walking from one end of the site to the other an exercise in balance and really wore me out more than I expected, so I crashed early and didn't get off some mods I'd have loved to have time for.

Still, there was plenty of coolness to go around )
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Madrigal is nearly upon us, and I'm buried in prep, but want to get a few things down while they're still fresh in my mind. The weather was rough (yay snowstorm in the middle of the event! Icy doom path! Knee+ high snow everywhere!), but you know it's a good event when, asked to come up with my favorite moment, several different encounters were all vying for attention in my head.

highlights between camp )

Edited to add: crazy Nyorai stalking town. "Hey, wait a second... it's like I've seen this before." (Nyorai's player played the Jester in CW.)
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Had a fun time at the event, and did not DIE in the cold. Mother Nature did make a solid shot at it, though. Blanket forts for the win! Also, ALL the fire.

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Mostly recovered from Aralis. Been a long couple of days since then, tons of stuff at work, and I got my very first ticket, which an afterwards-review of driving laws seems to indicate was due to the policeman being in a bad mood and not me actually breaking the law. (Boo) Good Madrigal meeting last night. Have ALL the things to do.

Anyway, had a fun event, even if I was not allowed to sleep Friday night. :-P

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Mixed bag. Had a lot of fun with the stuff I did, but also had a lot of downtime, and then the entire flow of my weekend got screwed up by me having my own little medical emergency Saturday night. I took a nap outside, and when I woke up, my lip felt all wierd. That was apparently because my upper lip was swollen to 4-5 times it's normal size. At this point, we're pretty sure I got bit by a spider or something. At the time, no idea what was going on, and people all around me were grabbing me and going "OMG THE BENADRYL". So most of my Sat night is a vague blur of sitting around waiting for the Benadryl to kick in and waiting to see if my throat was going to close up, followed by being high as a kite before falling asleep. Wheee.

some highlights )
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Had a really fun time at Aralis. Fathom, less so, but eh, these things happen. Was up *way* too late both nights (Sat night actually had two aborted attempts at bed ended by other PCs). Need to nap more.

some highlights )

Am only mostly greater-unslept at this point, and almost ready for the move on Saturday. Cannot wait for all this to be done.
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Had a fun time at MM, despite the constant heat and humidity. You know it's pretty bad when the crackers they are putting out for snacks keep turning into mush before people can eat them...

And when it wasn't just plain muggy, it was pouring BUCKETS of rain. Luckily the second time it happened was during the last fight so it didn't matter so much that we got soaked (Except for my poor books. :( So sad.), but MAN, that was a lot of rain. I can't think of the last time I was that wet while larping. I can't think of the last time I was that wet outside of jumping into a body of water to go swimming.

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Went to the Cottington Woods one-day this weekend. Some scheduling snafus (they started 2 hours late on a 11 hour event which I can't imagine did good things to their schedule) and some stuff that wasn't awesome, but overall I had a good time.

Some highlights:

- standing carefully outside the fairy circle to toss our gifts to the fae onto the tree
- "We're going to go hunt a salamander."
"Um..." :makes gesture with hands a few inches apart: "Why?"
"It's a giant firebreathing salamander. Not quite as exciting as a dragon, but it should be challenging."
"Oh, wow! I'm in!"
- playing with the hoops and sticks
- having not one, but two different fae try to recruit me to join their show
- having Shal totally throw me under the bus by speculating the different ways I'd make a fantastic addition to the fairy show.
- Helping Vasanti hide from her fairy stalker (and the fact that she was successful in that)
- seeing Gregori
- talking to the white stag
- talking to the Riding Hoods
- watching a lot of my friends be super super stressed while trying to damage control Gene talking to, um... anyone
- rescuing a guy who'd been asleep for a long time... poor dude (even if his name gave Trev, Fen, and Vasanti a start)
- making a couple of really good shots in the dark at the undead archer. Am slowly getting better at this...

On Sunday I was braindead for most of the day. Ended up taking a nap in the afternoon, and *still* couldn't wake up after that. Today am less braindead, but my arms are both sore (left from holding up the bow to fight, right from chucking arrows).
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So on Saturday I made it to the first full Aralis event I've managed to get to all season. Sure, it was a one-day, but both [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano and I were there for the whole thing! How exciting.

Anyway, had a good time, even though the heat and humidity was AWFUL. Did very little fighting, but really, was ok with that. (See: heat and humidity)

Some highlights )
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Bit more of a mixed bag this event, some issues with statting/fights knocked me out of game for a while, but still had fun around that stuff.

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Was a good event, though I was in a wierd headspace for it, and unable to sink into Omi as fully as I'd have liked. Plus the heat did not help. So glad I play a human who's ok with wearing loose baggy clothes and randomly splashing water on myself. And I love Omi's silly hat.

Some random highlights )

Fun times overall.
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Fun time at Mirror Mirror, despite managing to hit both freezing and sunburned in the same weekend. So glad to see all the cool new players, some of whom I knew coming in, and some of whom were totally new to me but just awesome, had a lot of fantastic interactions with all of them.

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Had a good time at Cottington Woods. Was very nervous going into it, with not getting the rulebook until three days before the event, new team, new site for the staff (again!), having a character that's so outside of my normal archetype, and with not-so-awesome weather on the way. Should not have worried so much. Had a really good time, and everything except for the not-so-awesome weather was not an issue.

some highlights )

So yeah, there were some hiccups, which I'd expect with new staff running first full event on new site. Some slow times, but overall I had a lot of fun. Can't wait for the next event. Also, dropping an accent after 2 days is *hard*.

Pic of Trevelen )
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Final Myanthea event was this past weekend, which was also my final NERO event. Was a fantastic event, epic and occasionally heart-wrenching and funny and just all around awesome. Complimented the staff after the event on the *pacing* of the event, which is an odd thing, I think, to focus on, but it really was fantastic.

On to the highlights: )

And my awesome teaser for the event, cause I want to be able to find it )

final thoughts on NERO Omi )
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Final Volta event was fun, and a very satisfying end to the campaign. Am moderately broken today, but am hopeful that I shall be a fully functioning human being by the end of the week.

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