Mar. 29th, 2004 02:58 pm
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Went to Avendale to PC this weekend. This is actually the first time I've taken my character to another chapter. It was interesting, now I understand what people say about different chapters having different 'flavors'. Had some slow time, but managed to stay occupied for most of the gather - yay blackwork! Also got to see some of the coolest roleplaying/ PvsP I've seen.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed to go to work, but left early because I'd promised my aikido sensei that I would come do a demonstration with him. He said it was something having to do with a reading group and kids, and relating something to something else about Japanese culture. I sorta assumed that we'd be demonstrating for a bunch of kids. Instead, it turned out to be the kick-off for some big reading program, with the mayors of both towns, the head of the library, and the superintendant of schools being there, complete with news cameras. Not so amused that we hadn't been told. On the plus side, sensei didn't toss me into a book shelf, despite the tiny amount of space we had to work with.

Now I believe I shall go collapse.
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There was the coolest lightening storm a few nights ago. I swear the entire sky was lighting up two or three times a minute, and some of the flashes were really bright and REALLY close. My mom dragged us outside to watch it.

Just got my performance appraisal, and it appears that I shall have my job for the rest of the summer, which is always nice. Just got back from aikido, where we were doing a bokken class, which was fun, although sometimes I feel like I shall never get anywhere with this. Ah well.


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