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Mostly recovered from Aralis. Been a long couple of days since then, tons of stuff at work, and I got my very first ticket, which an afterwards-review of driving laws seems to indicate was due to the policeman being in a bad mood and not me actually breaking the law. (Boo) Good Madrigal meeting last night. Have ALL the things to do.

Anyway, had a fun event, even if I was not allowed to sleep Friday night. :-P

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Busy weekend that just passed.

Friday Night/Sat morning )

the wedding )

hurricane Irene )

So, busy weekend, but had a lot of fun and even managed to get some stuff done. Been a fairly standard week since then. Productive Madrigal staff meeting last night. I need to pack for NPCing MM tonight, which should be a pile of fun, since I'm not 100% sure where all of my larping stuff is among the boxes which are still scattered around the apartment. Oh, and I have a fully functioning car again, which is nice, after the gas leak, broken light, and then other gas leak. Literally for the last week every time I took my car in to get something fixed, something else had broken in the two days between. But it's all fixed now. Yay.

Oh, and the quote of the week, from the guy at the auto repair place when I asked if my car was safe to drive until a part came in. "Yeah, you should be fine. You don't smoke, right?"
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The weekend for me started somewhat unexpectedly on Thursday night, when I stopped at a fabric store for a bit and my car utterly refused to start.

Car woes )

Friday night )

more car stuff )

I R fail at fieldfight )

Fun hanging out with people after the event at this little diner, then made it back home at a reasonable hour for relaxing and watching the Patriots.

Considering how it started, not a bad weekend at all.
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Been a busy four days. Summaries below:


car troubles )

crazy landlord )

reuniting with friends )

So, as a brief summary, the weekend was fun, yesterday was filled with things that stressed me out ridiculously (except for a break for friends), and today has been about relieving some of that stress.
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Cut for bitching:
Car trouble and the woes that followed. )

In other news, I saw some of the most amazing fog a couple nights back. Most amusing was me silently cursing out the person in front of me for going so slow, until they turned off the road and I found myself the first person in the line of cars. I couldn't see a thing, and was using the difference in color between the road and the snow at the edge of the road to stay on said road, at which point I began silently apologizing to the guy I'd been cursing out before. It was pretty cool looking though, and less scary once I got off the road.
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I have a theory that whenever I come into possession of a car for more than a day or two, it starts to spontaneously decompose.

Cut for whining and length: stupid )

In other news, finals are approaching, and I'm coming down with some illness that is sapping my energy and will to accomplish *anything*, which is not so good. Also trying to decide if I should get a bunch of friends together to get another friend a present. I want to get her this present, but at the same time, it's kinda wierd to work on getting her this thing and not other people, plus I don't want her to feel obligated to get all of us presents in return, and I think she will. Have to figure that out soon.
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Went to Nero this weekend. I was the busiest I've ever been at any event ever, which was good, because it was fun, and bad, because I forgot to eat or take my supplements both days. (Average food for the day was a roll, a brownie, and a half-cup of soup. Not smart.) All of which wouldn't have been so bad if my car had not been incredibly stupid and decided to not start when I tried to go home. Stupid stupid car. General consensus is that maybe it has something to do with the wetness that was the last day of the event, but not sure, and regardless, that left me 200+ miles from Bates with a broken car. Even with AAA would cost somewhere between $300 and $500 to get it back to Maine, which I can't afford right now.

All of which was compounded by the fact that my character had a very stressful weekend, which due to my acting style (just sort of slipping into the character and being her for the weekend), was a little emotionally exhausting for me. Note to self: learn how to act so that you don't experience nervous breakdown when your character does. Anyway, got a little tense and not-happy.

Then I discovered how wonderful people can be. A bunch of plot was still hanging around when the tow truck arrived and I realized what a mess I was in, and instead of just heading home after what had to have been an incredibly long weekend for them, they stayed with me, got me some food so I didn't physically collapse, and managed to find somewhere for me to store my car closer to Mass so I didn't have to pay for all the towing. Some people even offered to drive me back to Bates when it looked like I might have missed my ride. Wonderful, wonderful people.

Anyway, feeling slightly better now, although I can't really feel my hands properly, a situation which will be rectified when food and supplements have a chance to sink in. Now all I have to do is get down to New Hampshire, get my car fixed, and then bring it back up here.

Despite that, was a decent weekend, and I'll probably be feeling better about everything tomorrow morning.


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