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Holidays were busy, as they usually are. I was somewhat less prepared overall than I normally am, due to the crazy larping schedule that happened in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

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Now I need to make a run to a fabric store for a new project, but I'm having trouble motivating myself to get out of the house.
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And they were. Utterly exhausting, occasionally stressful, but very happy holidays.

Wednesday, got up like normal to go to work, with the intention of leaving early so as to get to my parents' house in time to help with the cooking, regardless of whether or not work let us out early (they did). D, on the other hand, was not let out early, but got up super-early in the morning so he could leave a bit early to come down to my parents' place to do the cooking. Sleep is for the weak.

Slight irritation in finding out that, as usual, my cousins and aunt and uncle were going to be late, which meant that D could have gotten up at a normal time and not killed himself to get out there early. Ah well. Most of the afternoon passed in a flurry of cooking and arguing with my brother about whether The Dark Knight was appropriate Christmas viewing material. Somehow we managed to get everything on the table at around 7:45 PM. It was all quite good, lots of compliments from everyone.

We sat around and talked (including an involved discussion trying to explain larping to my aunt, who I think is concerned that my cousins want to try it) until pretty late Christmas Eve, and then D and I crashed. Other people stayed up later, but most of them hadn't been up for 19 hours at that point.

Presents the next morning were fun, though my mother's gift didn't quite fit the way I wanted it to. Ah well. Can try again. My cousins' presents fit great, though, and they immediately threw them on to try, which was good to see. Rest of my presents went over pretty well, which was nice.

Most amusing story came from my brother, who'd actually ordered my present ahead of time (he usually does his shopping on Christmas Eve), and then received a box with two bags of air and a receipt for my present. When he called, they told him they were out of stock. Which means they deliberately sent an empty box to him. Yah.

Most amusing moment came when my mom (and later my aunt) opened their presents from my grandmother. Now, as a bit of background, both my mother and my aunt are professional businesswomen in, say, their 50s, with grown children. They both got this.

After that, and D cooking French Toast for everyone, we headed up to his folk's place for a slightly more relaxing day of hanging out and waiting for [livejournal.com profile] draketamarack and [livejournal.com profile] inadvertantsmut to arrive. We watched Stardust and started on The Dark Crystal, while chatting about superhero movies. Fun stuff.

They got there and we did more present opening. His mom liked my present (she's tough to buy for), and I got a grommet-setter. :) Most amusing moment there was when we realized that [livejournal.com profile] draketamarack and I had gotten each other virtually the same gift, with the same sort of reasoning. (He got a black space pen attached to a lanyard, so it wouldn't be lost. I got a silver space pen, so it could be easily found if dropped.)

Then we ate and talked until too late. Like I said, fun and tiring holiday.

Since then, D and I have mostly been sitting around, watching Naruto and Good Eats. We did manage to buy some stuff to help fix the latch on my car's trunk, which is nice, since I've been futzing with it for months now.
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I think that's most of the highlights. There were a few amusing interludes involving the guy who dropped off a machine to exercise my dad's leg, who heard my brother and grandfather discussing the Giants and turned out to be a Giants fan himself. Also the poor bewildered physical therapist who showed up at my parents' two-bedroom condo and found 12 people there. And the few moments of quiet when we started to eat - my family is not generally quiet, so I'm taking that as a sign that food was good. :)
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Just got home from my parents' house for the weekend. Had much fun, am absolutely exhausted now. Am looking at pile of stuff in the center of my bedroom floor (having already distributed a bunch of stuff around the rest of the apartment) and am feeling vastly unmotivated to finish the job of unpacking.

Managed to cook for the family two full meals. (I just helped out.) This is more of a challenge then you'd think, especially since my family is not known for their cooking skills in general, compounded by the fact that my uncle's family has the following restrictions:
a. lactose intolerant
b. kosher
c. highly allergic to turkey
We have discovered through past experimentation that when you knock out all the foods that can't be eaten on that list, doesn't leave much for anything close to a traditional dinner. But we planned ahead this time, so there was actually a minimum of stress involved.

I got to spend time with my brother in a more relaxed setting than Thanksgiving, which was good. I miss him a lot. We have almost nothing in common, but we get along real well and love each other, so I like spending time with him. Actually, I'm a little melancholy right now. This past weekend was the first time I've been 'home' with my core family since I moved out, and somehow it feels different, even though my brother hasn't been around for a while now.

When I have time, I'm going to post the link to this really amusing/disturbing video my brother showed me. You can find it by typing 'Russian climbing' in google. It's this crazy guy who has to be a gymnast of some sort jumping off building and climbing walls. It's cool, once you get past the 'is he absolutely insane' (the answer is yes) first response to watching it.


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