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Was a good weekend. Nothing terribly exciting, but a lot of fun stuff. We did some more unpacking and bought some storage containers to help with the organizing. The mattress was delivered Sat morning, and it is quite comfortable. Went to RJC's birthday party Sat night and had a lot of fun talking to people and playing on the jumpy thingee. We got Netflix streaming stuff and started working our way through FMA: Brotherhood, which has been quite fun so far. On Sunday we met some people for lunch (and talking) and then went and watched Conan.

[livejournal.com profile] callierat was quite disappointed that we never got a good look at the random depth-perception-challenged female archer, and thus never were able to examine her armor.) I think, in fantasy movies, there is a certain threshold of female nakedness that needs to be hit before they will let the females wear clothes. Amusingly, in this movie, that quota was hit by random slavegirls and the female antagonist, so by the time the protagonist arrived on screen, she got to be mostly dressed for most of the movie (she definitely had on more clothes than Conan, which was extra amusing).

Fun times.
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Store recommended to me by a friend that has a lot of Indian/arabic clothing: http://www.utsavsaree.com/

Really wide variety of stuff, from really cheap to *very* expensive, in a decent number of styles. Jewelry, too.
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So last night, found myself with some extra free time, so decided to start with the Madrigal packing a bit early. This turns out to be a very good thing, since after digging through my bin o random costuming (basically, everything costume-like that I bring to events that is not hanging stuff), I discovered that one of my costume shirts, which I was planning on wearing several times this weekend, is missing. :( I'm hoping very much that it is in the general costuming/lost and found bin for one of the games I NPC, because I really really like that shirt, but even if it turns up, that doesn't necessarily solve my problem of needing said shirt this weekend.

So at 8:30 at night, I hopped in my car, drove to the nearby Joann's (thankfully only about 12 minutes away with no traffic), found fabric in the right general color family that wasn't ridiculously expensive, bought said fabric, drove home, and made myself a shirt. Was done by 10:15. Is super-simple shirt, but hey, it's better than wearing an entirely different color than the last time this NPC appeared... or doing without. (Not actually an option, to be clear, just someone was giving me grief about it this morning.)

There are times it is very, very handy to be able to sew...

Oddly enough, no Madrigal stress dreams so far (I know I just jinxed myself). Odd dreams about waterskiing with my family and possibly some people from work, but no anxiety dreams yet.
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[livejournal.com profile] callierat pointed me at this place, which I guess has only recently become available on ebay?


They're having a sale on stuff right now. I do not know much about the quality of their stuff, though feedback/general online searches seem decent.

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For all my friends who play Arabic-type characters in a larp, I was pointed at this:


No idea on quality or anything like that, but it's a good price.
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Have a moderately entertaining sewing project I'm working on, so am pleased/excited about that. First one like that I've had in a while. Nice to get back into it and get beyond tabbards, T-tunics, and basic shirts.

Also managed to get in half-chaps for this weekend so I'll have vaguely-ok looking 'boots', given that I completely refuse to use my awesome-looking-yet-actively-trying-to-kill-me high-heeled leather boots for PCing a larp. (NPCing is different because I don't have to run around if I plan the encounter right.)

Sadly, apparently I have ginormous calves. [livejournal.com profile] trickyskricky, I may have a present for you.


Dec. 19th, 2008 02:13 pm
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So has anyone ever ordered from here:


The prices seem really very good. Am wondering what the catch is.
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Had a very good weekend after an utterly miserable last week. Just what the doctor ordered. Mostly I was just overtired, and frustrated because I wasn't able to force my body to keep going after I should have been asleep. Ah well. Caught up on rest and relaxation this weekend.

D came down late Friday night. He'd made some quiet noise earlier in the week about me possibly making a shirt for him, so we headed out to Joanne's. Found some neat linen-like material in black (requirement for shirt = black on black on black, with no shiny-ness at all). Then we couldn't find a good shirt pattern, but *did* find a nifty coat for what looks to my untrained eye like a civil-war soldier. So bought that and materials and went home. The pattern is really, really neat, though somewhat more complicated than what I'm used to, so I kept stopping and staring in confusion at the very-oddly-shaped pieces that allow (when it's all done) the entire thing to be clean and lined, with no seams showing. At the time, though, I was just confused as to how the pieces could possibly fit on the human body.

Spent most of Sat afternoon and Sunday working on that while we watched TV (my new serger is AWESOME). I wimped out when it finally came time to do the buttons. I can't find my bag of extra feet for my sewing machine, so I couldn't do the button holes on my machine, and the one for the other machine I had access to didn't seem to be working right. Rather than mess up a perfectly good outfit by attempting to do buttonholes the wrong way, I just gave up, sewed the buttons on the front, and then went out and bought some snaps to hold the actual outfit together. Looks fairly good, except the sleeves are wonky somehow. I may futz with them after the event, if I'm feeling ambitious.

Anyway, good relaxing weekend. Concentrating on the outfit got my mind off of work, and the Pats game was fun. D ended up staying an extra day, since I had Monday off from work. We went on many fruitless adventures trying to find food and a DVD at the Burlington mall, but had fun nonetheless.

Good stuff.


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