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A random post-script for Trev. Has been bouncing around in my head for a while, figured I might as well get it down on paper:

Trev kept an arrow to the string of her bow as she walked down the last part of the path that led to the cabin where she lived with Odette and Cailey. It wasn’t likely that she’d get jumped here, not with her having cleared most of the dangerous animals out of the area and most bandits too scared of her to think of going near, but it was always a possibility. Besides, the smell of blood always made it more likely something would come for her, and even though she was only bleeding a little bit, the smell would still be on her.

But then she rounded the bend and saw the cabin with light shining out through the windows, and relaxed slightly, putting the arrow back in it’s sheath and unstringing the bow. As an afterthought, she pulled the scarf from around her waist and draped it around her shoulders so that the wound on her upper arm wouldn’t be as visible, since any sight of blood still upset Cailey awfully. Not that Odette would be thrilled, but, then, she hadn’t witnessed her entire family being slaughtered by werewolves… and she wasn’t 6 years old.

Trev figured that Cailey would eventually grow out of it, but it hadn’t even been a year yet since there had been word about a pack of werewolves causing trouble. Tracking them down had taken bit too long, and when she caught up to them, they were already in a forester's hut, with blood splashed everywhere and no one left but the little girl who was small enough to hide in a heavy wooden chest. Trev had killed the werewolves, of course, but was not quite sure what to do with the little girl who cried and clung to her afterwards. So she’d brought her back to the cabin where Odette lived, with the vague plan of letting Odette comfort her before finding someone to take her in… and somehow, that second part never happened, and she spent more and more time with her sister and the little girl until all three of them were living in the little cabin.

Automatically she averted her eyes from the runes carved into the door. She still wanted to avoid magic as much as possible, but when Chione found out that she had adopted a daughter - Chione’s words - she insisted on doing magical protections for the house. It made Odette a lot happier, and Odette and Chione were always very close after they’d spent that summer together while Chione figured out how to break the enchantment that turned Odette into a swan. Trev wasn’t thrilled about the magic, but she was glad of the reminder of her sister, and even more glad that Odette and Cailey would be safe from anything save a determined mage. They were going to go visit Chione and Morris and their family at the next new moon, she remembered happily.

“Welcome home!” Odette said cheerfully, though her eyes immediately went to the wound in her arm.

“It is nothing,” Trev assured her, and then swung the bird she had slung over a shoulder down. “I got you a turkey for dinner. Well,” she amended, looking at how far the sun had set, “For dinner tomorrow.” She handed the bird over, and then set her bow and arrows near the door, which freed up her hands for when Cailey flung herself at her.

Trev caught her mid-air, trying not to flinch too much as the little girl’s weight landed on her injured arm. “Cailey, how are you? Did you have a good day today?”

“Yes I did. I saw 4 butterflies, a rat with a shield, and Odette told me a story!” Cailey looked worriedly at her arm, her blue eyes going wide. “Are you all right, Trevelen?”

“I am fine, I just ran out of healing potions,” Trev assured her, then went to the shelf where they were stored, and quickly drank one. The wound knitted itself back together instantly, and she moved her arm to demonstrate. “See? Is fine. There were only three wolves, and I killed them all.” She also noticed that there weren’t many potions left, and made a mental note to go get some more from Fen soon.

Cailey responded by throwing her arms around Trev’s neck and hugging her hard. “I hate wolves,” she muttered into her neck.

“Well, that is fine,” Trev responded easily, ignoring Odette’s sharp look. “They are dangerous.” She wasn't going to lie to Cailey, and certainly not about something like that.

Despite spending a large chunk of her life as a bird, Odette was a very good cook, Trev reflected happily as they settled down to dinner. And the bear was surprisingly tender. Also, it was very satisfying to eat it, after it had chased her all that while. Odette was talking about some trading she’d done and how she now had supplies to make some new clothing for Cailey in the bright colors she’d requested, of which Trev heartily approved. Cailey was oddly quiet, though, and kept looking at the sword Trev had still slung across her back.

“Trevelen?” she finally asked. “Will you… will you teach me how to fight wolves?”

“Yes, of course,” Trev responded without thinking.

Odette’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Trev!”


“She’s far too young to be learning to fight anything!”

“I started to learn to hunt when I was younger than her,” Trev countered, before remembering that her memories were not true and that Odette very well knew that. Sometimes it was hard to remember that parts of your life had not happened the way you remembered.

“Be that as it may, I still think she’s far too young to be thinking about fighting wolves with a knife!”

“Not a knife!” Trev hastened to reassure her. “I will make her a small bow. Then she can hide in the trees to hunt. It will be much safer.”
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Well, it was freezing, but we knew that was coming, because apparently mother nature is a troll. 70s all last week, and then 30 for Cottington. Still, I think everyone came in prepared, which made things, if not comfortable, at least tolerable, and it got almost nice-ish by Sunday.

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Wow the weather was beautiful. Just perfect. Feels like it's been forever since I larped when I wasn't frozen or overly warm.

Now, onto actual game highlights:

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Was a fun time, despite oppressive heat/humidity. Bit slow during the day, but honestly I didn't want to do all that much until the sun went down and the temperature dropped.

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Actually had decent weather at Cottington for a change! Ha!

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Once again, Cottington was faced by some challenges when we got to site and large chunks of the main road onto camp were nothing but knee-deep mud. But both the players with 4-wheel-drive large vehicles and the camp staff were great, and took turns ferrying our stuff to the cabins. Then the truck containing all of the gear for monster camp got stuck, and a large number of people jumped in and unloaded the truck and carried everything to monster camp from almost the tavern building.

With all of that, game still got started by 11:30, which I was pretty impressed by. Other than the challenges walking anywhere and a bit of cold, the actual weekend situation wasn't too bad.

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Had a fun time at Cottington Woods, and the weather was even halfway decent! :)

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Had a fun time at the CW one-day.

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Another weird event for me. Weather was nuts, too.

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Had a fun time at the event, and did not DIE in the cold. Mother Nature did make a solid shot at it, though. Blanket forts for the win! Also, ALL the fire.

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Mixed bag. Had a lot of fun with the stuff I did, but also had a lot of downtime, and then the entire flow of my weekend got screwed up by me having my own little medical emergency Saturday night. I took a nap outside, and when I woke up, my lip felt all wierd. That was apparently because my upper lip was swollen to 4-5 times it's normal size. At this point, we're pretty sure I got bit by a spider or something. At the time, no idea what was going on, and people all around me were grabbing me and going "OMG THE BENADRYL". So most of my Sat night is a vague blur of sitting around waiting for the Benadryl to kick in and waiting to see if my throat was going to close up, followed by being high as a kite before falling asleep. Wheee.

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Went to the Cottington Woods one-day this weekend. Some scheduling snafus (they started 2 hours late on a 11 hour event which I can't imagine did good things to their schedule) and some stuff that wasn't awesome, but overall I had a good time.

Some highlights:

- standing carefully outside the fairy circle to toss our gifts to the fae onto the tree
- "We're going to go hunt a salamander."
"Um..." :makes gesture with hands a few inches apart: "Why?"
"It's a giant firebreathing salamander. Not quite as exciting as a dragon, but it should be challenging."
"Oh, wow! I'm in!"
- playing with the hoops and sticks
- having not one, but two different fae try to recruit me to join their show
- having Shal totally throw me under the bus by speculating the different ways I'd make a fantastic addition to the fairy show.
- Helping Vasanti hide from her fairy stalker (and the fact that she was successful in that)
- seeing Gregori
- talking to the white stag
- talking to the Riding Hoods
- watching a lot of my friends be super super stressed while trying to damage control Gene talking to, um... anyone
- rescuing a guy who'd been asleep for a long time... poor dude (even if his name gave Trev, Fen, and Vasanti a start)
- making a couple of really good shots in the dark at the undead archer. Am slowly getting better at this...

On Sunday I was braindead for most of the day. Ended up taking a nap in the afternoon, and *still* couldn't wake up after that. Today am less braindead, but my arms are both sore (left from holding up the bow to fight, right from chucking arrows).
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Bit more of a mixed bag this event, some issues with statting/fights knocked me out of game for a while, but still had fun around that stuff.

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Had a good time at Cottington Woods. Was very nervous going into it, with not getting the rulebook until three days before the event, new team, new site for the staff (again!), having a character that's so outside of my normal archetype, and with not-so-awesome weather on the way. Should not have worried so much. Had a really good time, and everything except for the not-so-awesome weather was not an issue.

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So yeah, there were some hiccups, which I'd expect with new staff running first full event on new site. Some slow times, but overall I had a lot of fun. Can't wait for the next event. Also, dropping an accent after 2 days is *hard*.

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