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Hey, it's the week of a Madrigal event, of course it's time for random anxiety dreams to pop up...

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Am excited for a number of things. Madrigal looks to be very cool, assuming we can pull off most of what we're planning. Staff for that game is such a cool group of people.

I think I had some crazy dreams last night where I was doing something (it was sort of like some super-complicated mod, set in a modern spy/war-like setting), except the person I was playing against was [livejournal.com profile] tommarz, which had me very, very nervous. So Volta staff has officially gotten to my subconscious. :glares:

Am looking forward to this weekend. No larping, though I expect much of the weekend will be taken up by larping talk. Want to do some sewing Friday night with some fabric I just got in, maybe get together with people Sat, and stuff with [livejournal.com profile] thedeviantangel on Sunday. Looking forward to actually sleeping in and not running around with foam weapons for a weekend.
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Well, we had a cool meeting last night, so naturally, that triggered Madrigal anxiety dreams. I actually slept really well until my left calf randomly decided to tie itself into knots, at which point I woke up and demonstrated that my back really is much better by nearly jack-knifing myself out of bed as I reached for my calf. I fell back asleep pretty quickly, but then started a weird dream of trying to hook PCs, except I was in the wrong costuming, so I told them to wait for me in the bottom of this empty pool (like a really cool pool with natural stone and all these weird separations, but really - wait at the bottom of a pool?). There was the usual stuff of not being able to find costuming, and then some really, really weird stuff about it being really warm and there being a bit of flooding and trying to swim to my encounter while holding something out of the water as the docks were submerged. Edit: Amusingly, I wasn't at all upset about this, it was just one more thing I had to do before I could do my mod.

Really, this one was a bit on the bizarre end, even for me.
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So a few nights ago I had another one of those Madrigal anxiety dreams, where I'm trying to get something done, but every time I show up to talk to the PCs, I discover I'm missing some small but crucial piece of costuming for the character I'm playing. I head back to monster camp, then back out to the PCs, and discover the other small piece of costuming I'm missing. Repeat. I think it's because Madrigal was on the mind from all the prereg stuff.

Happily, last night (after the meeting, which was fun), I switched up to more normal anxiety dreams about computers and trying to get something done in time for something, and failing.

Maybe after this weekend's event, I can switch gears entirely and have Omi's anxiety dreams for a change.
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I have the saddest excuse for anxiety dreams ever. Dreamed last night that for some reason there were two Madrigal revels, and I was utterly unprepared for one of them, and trying to figure out what plots I was supposed to be running Friday night. And for some reason I was trying to braid my hair into Omi braids at the same time. Even more amusing, I wasn't actually panicking (I was pretty sure I could do something), just frustrated by my lack of preparation.

On the plus side, the one I wasn't prepared for is *not* the one that we're planning on running, so apparently my subconscious thinks we're doing OK with that.


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