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Was a lot of fun, mostly. There were two bits of it that I could have done without. The first was when I managed to make myself very ill by not eating enough during the day (and then dinner was delayed), such that I had to lay down for a couple hours until I could remain upright and ingest food again. The second was when [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano injured himself in the final field fight so that he could barely walk. (He's doing a bit better now, but took off yesterday from work so he could elevate it and put lots of ice on it.)

The weekend was a lot of fun, though. The weather Saturday and Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Had a lot of fun fighting, inside, outside, up and down the hill in the stupid snow up to my knees. My thighs hate me now. Actually, to be fair, most of my body hates me right now. I can feel the pull in my arm when I pick up a glass of water. :sigh: Muscles are overrated, really. And I need to work on getting my left foot back when I fight with a shield.

Had a bit of fun RP as well. Mostly hung around with 8th street for my delegation role and made snarky comments. Managed to get enough briefing for the meeting that I attended that I don't think I made a complete idiot of myself. Amusingly, when I got sick, I sat myself down in a corner to see if I could wait it off, and most people just thought the character was being antisocial.

Thanks to all the people who dropped whatever they were doing when they realized that I was actually sick and ran to cabins to get medicine, volunteered to drive off-site to get me food, or sicc'd [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano on me to make sure that I didn't just say I was ok and quietly die in the corner.
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The weekend for me started somewhat unexpectedly on Thursday night, when I stopped at a fabric store for a bit and my car utterly refused to start.

Car woes )

Friday night )

more car stuff )

I R fail at fieldfight )

Fun hanging out with people after the event at this little diner, then made it back home at a reasonable hour for relaxing and watching the Patriots.

Considering how it started, not a bad weekend at all.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:15 am
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So I went to go NPC Endgame this weekend. It was fun.

more details below cut - pretty long and rambly )

Labor Day was mostly devoted to sitting around like lumps. D and I went food shopping, and I bought a few minor things at Joann's to work on for a project I'm trying to finish up. So a bit of sewing, a bit of surfing the internet, and a lot of sitting around. D cooked dinner for both of us, which was awesome and amazing, and I have leftovers today! :)

Bit of stress over something as we dropped off his rental car, but it was resolved before I went to sleep. Good day.


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