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Time for a rare real-life post! Warning: definitely going to be long.

Trip to NJ... )

All in all, a very successful but totally exhausting trip.
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Holidays were busy, as they usually are. I was somewhat less prepared overall than I normally am, due to the crazy larping schedule that happened in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

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Apr. 25th, 2011 11:02 am
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The Aralis event was pretty awesome, and I am saying that despite there being utterly miserable weather for all of Saturday (until about 2:30 in the morning Sunday morning, when it randomly became kinda amazingly awesome and warm), and the fact that I managed to twist my ankle pretty good going up and down the stairs. Way to go, staff.

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After the event ended, people were kind enough to help me with my stuff so I didn't have to walk down the hill again (thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] dunriver!). I had to leave somewhat faster/earlier than I wanted to, because we were meeting my parents/brother for dinner. My brother was up from NJ for the weekend and wanted to see me (and I wanted to see him), which I only found out on Wednesday, but they were awesome and agreed to meet us at the 99 near the site for dinner. So had a nice dinner with them and got to catch up and see my brother, and then they left and we switched tables to join the group that had come over from the site.

Good times.


Jun. 9th, 2008 10:36 am
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Interesting (if hot) weekend, full of family togetherness.

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Mar. 17th, 2008 10:47 am
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Good fun weekend.

Friday I drove out to my parents' place. I had big plans to cook dinner for them. Note, I use the word 'cook' in the loosest sense of the word. My brother and I drove to the food store and picked up: a box with a mix for popovers, ground beef, one can tomatoes, one can kidney beans, and a pouch of spices for chilli. Brother assured me that we had plenty of frozen veggies. Dinner consisted of making the popovers (mix ingredients together, leave for a half-hour, stick in over), defrosting the frozen veggies, and making the chilli (brown meat, add tomatoe sauce and beans and spices, cook for 10 minutes).

They thought it was the best meal they'd had in a really long time. The entire thing (minus the popovers, which had to sit for a while but took only a half-hour to cook) took less than 20 minutes. Sometime my family's approach to food makes me sad.

D then attempted to surprise me by driving down to see me Friday night, which would have worked out well, except that I was at my parents' house, since I wasn't expecting him until later. He figured I'd be there, but thought one of my roommates would be home to let him in. Unfortunately, roommates were not there. Oops. He ended up sitting outside listening to music for a half-hour until I got home (luckily I decided to go home earlier than I usually do).

Most of the weekend involved reading books and sitting around watching TV (or occasionally getting up to watch D play a computer game that he was massively entertained by and I didn't get the point of). Nice relaxation.
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Christmas Eve )

Christmas )

I think that's most of the highlights. There were a few amusing interludes involving the guy who dropped off a machine to exercise my dad's leg, who heard my brother and grandfather discussing the Giants and turned out to be a Giants fan himself. Also the poor bewildered physical therapist who showed up at my parents' two-bedroom condo and found 12 people there. And the few moments of quiet when we started to eat - my family is not generally quiet, so I'm taking that as a sign that food was good. :)

Good news

Dec. 20th, 2007 09:06 pm
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My dad had knee replacement surgery this morning. It went really well, the surgery only took an hour and a half, it was so fast that my mother (who had assumed it would take longer and was thus outside in the hallway making phone calls) actually missed them bringing him out and had to chase down the doctor to get an update. I actually got to talk to him this evening, and he sounds good, although drugged up. That's probably going to be the theme for the next couple of weeks.

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Thanksgiving was much as it always is, both a lot of fun and somewhat stressful. Fun comes from seeing my family, and the stress comes from the same place, too many people in too small a space, mostly, with some odd personality quirks thrown in for good measure. Oh, and this year had the drugged-up-and-in-pain father, too.

Knee surgery Wednesday + 2 hour drive to CT + 2 hour drive to NJ + 4 hours back to MA = bad.

D also came along this year, and got to meet pretty much everyone else in my close family that he hadn't met before. Handled it great (I thought), especially with about half of them making smart-ass comments the second they met him. Also helped out with some computer issues and was really very patient about being volunteered (when not even in the room) for heavy-lifting.

Very glad that we drove back on Sat, though, as it gave me Sunday to decompress and actually relax a bit before coming back to work today. Pats game was nuts. I went to bed around 11, a mistake I won't be making again, since instead of going to sleep, I just lay awake and stared at the ceiling, waiting for D to come to bed and tell me if the Pats won.

Oh, and I may have convinced some of my cousins to come try larping at the Madrigal revel.


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