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Now that I've made it through Madrigal, 5G (Wrathborn), and actually had a weekend off (with sleeping!), a couple of PC-safe Madrigal highlights:

Was a pretty awesome event overall. Didn't get to everything (was hoping, but wasn't really hopeful), but got through a lot of it, so yay. Our schedule was a bit... intense this event. We had a lot of fights to get through, so at some point in the development process someone (probably Rob) suggested a couple of split field fights... and then that somehow became *every* fight is a split field fight and we still didn't have enough time at night, and MUST RUN ALL THE THINGS!

- while walking onto a mod where the PCs were supposed to ambush us, found a couple of bodies lying across the road. What? There hasn't even been any violence yet!

- machine mod - not everything went *exactly* as planned, but it went pretty well. Machine sounds were awesome, and the PCs did a great job of figuring things out on the fly. And hopefully they will be set for next event?

- my anaketh got a song! It was so awesome!

- some very fun RP with Eruanna, Aelemyra, and Orchid as my Eluviar

- waiting for the PCs to arrive for the Inquisitor mod, and having a hard time keeping myself in an appropriately angry frame of mind, with the beautiful weather, the birds chirping at me, and an absolutely insane squirrel screaming about... something... from the tree right in front of me. Anyway, eventually the PCs got there and the squirrel had happily finished whatever he was doing in time for me to be very, very grouchy.

- Stephen's stupid little air elemental in the Pangaeus fight. *Everyone* wanted to stab him. Also, a moment of OOG surprise when I brought the PCs up to the fight location and roughly double the NPCs that had been ready to go when I went out to hook suddenly appeared. Also, sure, I totally remember this highly theoretical thing we vaguely discussed in a brainstorm session 5 years ago and can run it through my character's perspective on five seconds notice...

- a very interesting discussion with the Vesperans

- end of the Souldrinker plotline. Did not going 100% as intended, but it did go fairly well, and I was pleased. Could not actually get to the line because the shamans were so efficient at taking me out (go shamans). Was a cool and terrifying plotline to run overall, as I got to see a lot of people that I never even thought were going to participate step up at unexpected moments. Also... the realization partway through that there's no actual way to scale 'kenning duel' or 'riddle contest' the way you'd scale a fighting encounter was a very very unhappy surprise. But it mostly worked, and I liked the story we told. Thank you, PCs.

- so apparently there is a minimum makeup requirement that I need to hit to staff Madrigal. I was all excited about the new options for less makeup for some of the Wayward (not my idea, but I was totally going to use it to my advantage), and then I played my Anaketh (gold glitter!) FOUR TIMES in the event (she was on the schedule once).
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Madrigal highlights (or those that I can share):

- epic kenning duel with Anya!

- hanging out with Naverilites

- walking into town as our new Zuriel and having some fantastic discussions with the various PCs.

- delivering Matt and Stephen into town and the looks they got.

- the aurora shards looked unexpectedly awesome. Also, watching the mechanics on that fight work exactly the way we wanted.

- serious discussions as Isabelle.

- Michelle as Solomon's mother. :) And unexpected but totally fun RP with Maven at dinner.

- nearly jumping the Aurora, because clearly we are destined to never have any normal interactions when she plays that character, regardless of who I play. Also, getting to meet people as Zoe.

- Xephyr and the mod of MAKE GO

- tea party of death. Both of my NPCs exclaimed at how ridiculously clean the PCs were when we got back to monster camp, and finding out later that the PCs were barely holding it together at times was even more awesome.

- late night serious talks

- discussion with elves in the morning, as is custom´╗┐

Oh, also, practicing our 5G builds during a field fight.
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Good Madrigal event, but man it took it out of me. So much prepwork, so many details to try to remember/get in, with no chance at a second take if they got messed up. Not everything went exactly as I'd like, but there was SO much awesome I can't be that sad about it.

some highlights )
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Madrigal revel went well. Physical conditions at the site were rough, which was especially sad because the weather was actually pretty fantastic (50s during the day, low 30s at night, about as good as you're going to get for a winter event). But the inch and a half of ice (with 1/4 of an inch of water on top) made walking from one end of the site to the other an exercise in balance and really wore me out more than I expected, so I crashed early and didn't get off some mods I'd have loved to have time for.

Still, there was plenty of coolness to go around )
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Had a good time at the Madrigal event. Didn't get to do nearly enough fighting, and I think I was fighting off a cold or something because I randomly fell over early both nights ('early' being 2AM and 1AM respectively), which was annoying to me. Weather was pretty awful, basically various forms of slush fell from the sky from Saturday afternoon all the way through game end, but we (and the PCs) persevered through it.

some random highlights )

Also, love our PCs. A couple groups of them, upon my begging for help, grabbed trashbags and did the thoroughly awful job of packet-sweeping in the cold and wet after the game so staff wouldn't get stuck with the job.
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Because clearly I have nothing better to do (like, say, write my Madrigal PEL):

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Jun. 20th, 2011 07:42 pm
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Pretty good event. Weather was hot, but it's mid-June and we weren't dodging lightning bolts, so really no complaints there. Had a couple of very fun scenes, and some good fights. Fun times overall. Only downer is that I managed to pick up a deer tick at some point, which bit me in the hand (somewhat randomly), but I think I got it within 6 hours of it biting, so I'm just going to watch that spot and be hyper-sensitive for any signs of flu-like symptoms.

highlights! )

Overall a fun time. Looking forward to the next event, when my brain starts working again.


May. 16th, 2011 12:53 pm
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Fun event. I feel like I've been hit by a truck or something, but had a lot of fun. Some cool RP scenes, ran some fun/evil mods, and hit things a lot. Good times overall.

Few highlights:
- the mod into Malekyrg Friday night to rescue Gwen. Yay twisted wood! Only place where the scenery causes more damage than the Malekyrg you're fighting!
- a lot of the RP surrounding the Orders
- "Heal him, heal him, he's bleeding!" :PC heals him: "Two damage by Malediction!" :PC drops: "Heal him!"
- the scene with the Mages' Council meeting. :)
- getting to have dinner with Grum's Company. The character I played there might be the queen of awkward sometimes. :) And I finally heard both the full turnip monster story, and the bear song, both of which I'd heard about in the past but hadn't actually heard before.
- the mod Sunday morning with what was probably the oddest-looking mod group ever. :)

Edited to add:
- I might have had way too much fun making up the 'rituals' to free people from Xerelos' influence.
- "Well, I fell in a mud puddle by the crossroads, but the gypsies there were very nice and said they'd clean my clothes for me. But... this is the only thing they had to lend me. At least it's blue.."

I also was wearing contacts through most of the weekend, which led to me being able to see much better at night (and made the Gwen mod even possible), which was great.

There were so many things I wanted to do but just ran out of time for, so many characters I wanted to play, mods I wanted to run/participate in, but unfortunately need for sleep and the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day foiled me. Ah well, will try again next event!
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So last night, found myself with some extra free time, so decided to start with the Madrigal packing a bit early. This turns out to be a very good thing, since after digging through my bin o random costuming (basically, everything costume-like that I bring to events that is not hanging stuff), I discovered that one of my costume shirts, which I was planning on wearing several times this weekend, is missing. :( I'm hoping very much that it is in the general costuming/lost and found bin for one of the games I NPC, because I really really like that shirt, but even if it turns up, that doesn't necessarily solve my problem of needing said shirt this weekend.

So at 8:30 at night, I hopped in my car, drove to the nearby Joann's (thankfully only about 12 minutes away with no traffic), found fabric in the right general color family that wasn't ridiculously expensive, bought said fabric, drove home, and made myself a shirt. Was done by 10:15. Is super-simple shirt, but hey, it's better than wearing an entirely different color than the last time this NPC appeared... or doing without. (Not actually an option, to be clear, just someone was giving me grief about it this morning.)

There are times it is very, very handy to be able to sew...

Oddly enough, no Madrigal stress dreams so far (I know I just jinxed myself). Odd dreams about waterskiing with my family and possibly some people from work, but no anxiety dreams yet.
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So Madrigal happened, despite the best efforts of Mother Nature, Fate, and whoever else it was that was throwing in by the end. We were not to be dissuaded by the mere loss of all of our outdoor mod spaces and fields, the collapse of one of the mod buildings big enough to fight in, and the loss of several staff members due to family emergencies, so when we arrived on site in the midst of a thunder/lightening/hail storm to find the road into camp impassible and requiring us to ferry people's stuff down in the two cars that could make it, while other people tried to push stuck cars out of the mud, there may have been a bit of hysterical laughter, but there was not defeat! (Not even when RJC informed me that the electricity in monster camp was flickering in time with the lightening.)

Needless to say, game did not start on time, but we did get started in time to actually get a few things accomplished.

Highlights below: )
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Things are going well-ish. I was sick last week, now I'm mostly over that cold, which is nice. Spent most of last week on job search type things and doing lots of Madrigal write-ups and stuff.

I'm in a funny place, Madrigal-wise. We were stressed when we realized after 7V that we had to throw out most of our schedule and start over, given the state of the camp. We did that. Then Put Put collapsed, which necessitated redoing the schedule a second time. I've sort of passed beyond being stressed about it and into a silly, almost zen place where I'm just going to run stuff and sorta hope it works out. Little different than my normal prep.

I have two different sets of phone interviews on Monday for two different jobs, one for a CRO in Lowell, one for a consulting group in California (long story, would not involve moving). I'm glad/excited/nervous, and at the same time it's exceedingly weird to be trying to prep for these interviews as I also try to prep for being unemployed long-term. Wish me luck!
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I had a good event. I didn't run anything huge, but I did run a bunch of little stuff that went reasonably well, I think. It's weird to come down off an event like the conclusion of the Fountain of Ice stuff and then just run a bunch of scattered mods and RP encounters, but really, it was nice to get back to some of the stuff I'd neglected.

Couple of highlights below the cut here )

So, a pretty good weekend. Bumped a few things, sadly, but that is the nature of things. We had a lot of NPCs there all weekend, which helped greatly. Just pretty good times overall.
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Week before Madrigal )

Madrigal! )

Randy's Wedding )

Monday morning we drove back down to Woburn from NH and spent most of the day sitting around staring blankly into space. Eventually we woke up enough to watch some Bones, then [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano went to do some gaming, and I got to start reading PELs. Yay!

Good times.


Jun. 21st, 2010 05:22 pm
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Had a pretty good Madrigal event. Major downside was when I screwed up my ankle at the first fight I participated in Friday night, so I was sort of grumpy, in pain, and non-combat for most of the weekend. Oh, and the heat. Stupid hot weather. Ah well.

I didn't manage to run nearly as much as I usually do, but am pleased with how some of the things I did run went off. Not perfectly, but pretty well. Was stressed about a lot of different encounters beforehand, and by all accounts, they went off pretty well.

Few highlights )
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Hey, it's the week of a Madrigal event, of course it's time for random anxiety dreams to pop up...

stupid subconscious )
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... on account of a conversation with a new plot member who commented on how cool Madrigal PCs were (which I already knew, but reminders never hurt). Friend at work sent me this image:

(Also because of my theory that a cute puppy makes most people's days better.)


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