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Had a fun time at MM. Still having some issues connecting with the game, but had some awesome stuff happen regardless.

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Fun event. Weather was weird, sort of cold and wet Friday night, followed by enough warmth to knock some people out with dehydration/heat stroke.

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Had a fun time at MM, despite the constant heat and humidity. You know it's pretty bad when the crackers they are putting out for snacks keep turning into mush before people can eat them...

And when it wasn't just plain muggy, it was pouring BUCKETS of rain. Luckily the second time it happened was during the last fight so it didn't matter so much that we got soaked (Except for my poor books. :( So sad.), but MAN, that was a lot of rain. I can't think of the last time I was that wet while larping. I can't think of the last time I was that wet outside of jumping into a body of water to go swimming.

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Was a good event, though I was in a wierd headspace for it, and unable to sink into Omi as fully as I'd have liked. Plus the heat did not help. So glad I play a human who's ok with wearing loose baggy clothes and randomly splashing water on myself. And I love Omi's silly hat.

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Fun times overall.
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Fun time at Mirror Mirror, despite managing to hit both freezing and sunburned in the same weekend. So glad to see all the cool new players, some of whom I knew coming in, and some of whom were totally new to me but just awesome, had a lot of fantastic interactions with all of them.

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Fun times at MM. Mostly I ran around and hit things. A lot. Was fun.

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Went to NPC Mirror Mirror this weekend. Feel much like I've been beaten everywhere on my body and found myself gnawing the salt off of pretzles this morning. I'm totally a responsible adult. I also randomly fell over really early Friday night, so did almost nothing but NPC two short mods before I went to bed, but I think it turned out for the best, because it meant I was more well rested on Saturday, when I needed to stay up past 4 doing negotiations and being debriefed by the PCs.

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NPC'd Mirror Mirror this weekend. It was a good time, slightly marred by the EXPLOSION of bugs that feasted upon our flesh. Current count is 30+ mosquito bites, and one bite that consensus opinion has decided is a blackfly bite. Didn't find any ticks on me, though, so that's sort of a plus.

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Other highlights, not specifically related to Mirror Mirror, included finding my red shirt that went missing several weeks ago and necessitated emergency shirt making (I wore it as a random character in celebration), and finding that I had not, in fact, lost some props leant to me by another Madrigal staffer (whew).


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