Moving day

Oct. 14th, 2014 12:15 pm
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Saturday I moved from Pelham to Watertown. I'm now living with JC, who is full of awesome, and have a nice room and space to do my crafting. And I'm 20-25 minutes from work now, which basically means I'm getting back two hours of my day every day, which is sort of fantastic. I can already feel stress levels dropping from being able to sleep later.

Move itself went well. There was rain, which I could have done without, but aside from that, ridiculously smoothly. The truck was there when I showed up to pick it up, no incidents on the drive, and people started showing up to help out around 10:45. We were done in Pelham by noonish, and drove straight to the storage place, where parking the truck took about as long as unloading did (yay dollies and elevator). We were at the new place by 2-ish, where a bunch more people met us to help, and eating pizza by 3:30, which is pretty fantastic. And my bed was made. Truck drop-off also was without incident. There are four or five boxes that should have ended up in storage that did not end up there that I will be dropping off today, but really, as these things go, that's entirely minor.

Have a lot of mixed feelings about the things that caused the move, of course, but I know that it's the right choice in the long run. (And it helps if I keep telling myself that.)

And am looking forward to being able to think of things that aren't the move.
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Life continues to be busy and at least moderately stressful, but onwards and upwards and all that good stuff.

work stuff )

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other stuff )
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Was a good weekend. Nothing terribly exciting, but a lot of fun stuff. We did some more unpacking and bought some storage containers to help with the organizing. The mattress was delivered Sat morning, and it is quite comfortable. Went to RJC's birthday party Sat night and had a lot of fun talking to people and playing on the jumpy thingee. We got Netflix streaming stuff and started working our way through FMA: Brotherhood, which has been quite fun so far. On Sunday we met some people for lunch (and talking) and then went and watched Conan.

[ profile] callierat was quite disappointed that we never got a good look at the random depth-perception-challenged female archer, and thus never were able to examine her armor.) I think, in fantasy movies, there is a certain threshold of female nakedness that needs to be hit before they will let the females wear clothes. Amusingly, in this movie, that quota was hit by random slavegirls and the female antagonist, so by the time the protagonist arrived on screen, she got to be mostly dressed for most of the movie (she definitely had on more clothes than Conan, which was extra amusing).

Fun times.
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Busy few days:

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It went just about as well as could be expected, given that we were moving two different people from apartments located in different states into a much smaller apartment and dropping off stuff at a storage place along the way. (And I added to the work by being a altruistic-minded idiot.)

interesting in the Chinese sense )

Other than that, the move went pretty smoothly. Lots of carrying and grunting and sweating, but that's to be expected. The apartment is starting to shape up. Things aren't quite as cramped as I was worried about. The kitchen is small, and we were a bit worried that with the addition of a refrigerator and washer/dryer it would be even more cramped, but the landlord put in a very small refrigerator (not a mini-fridge, just a fairly small one. The joke was it's Tom-sized, since it's pretty much as tall as he is and as wide as he is. I'm pretty sure it's big enough for two people, though) and a very small stacked washer-dryer. It means more loads of laundry, since we can't do as much at one time, but it's not taking up the entire kitchen, and it's a washer/dryer in our own apartment. This is key. The bedroom is pretty much as big as the living room, which is nice. Bit cramped in the living room right now until we get all the boxes out, the air conditioner in the window, and can move the entertainment unit back against the wall, but I think it'll be ok once we get that done.

Still need to deal with some more storage issues (mostly in the kitchen), but we bought a little mini butcher block table thingee, which will make there be more cutting/working space, and more storage space, both of which are issues. I just need to go get a screwdriver so I don't kill myself trying to put the screws in with the little mini screwdriver/socket wrench thingee they give you to put it together with.

Was late this morning getting to work (going to stay a bit late to make up for it), due to being blocked in by a garbage truck, getting lost, hitting traffic, and then the police were doing some wierd thing on the off-ramp of 93. Have intentions of looking up directions to get to work on back streets. It will be both shorter and less aggravating than trying to take the main roads.

Going to a store after work to attempt to get a few things that we did miss (like something to wash dishes with!). Can't wait until we actually get internet/cable in the apartment on Friday.
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Yesterday, I perfected the star technique of moving. Here was the order of stops:
Stoneham (not arrested!)
Somewhere in NH where the storage place is
D's parents house
D's parents house

I was actually supposed to make another trip to Watertown and back, but it got too late. One hundred bazillion thanks to [ profile] thedeviantangel and Tom, who were there for about 12 hours and followed us all over the place getting way too much stuff moved. They were amazing and wonderful.

By the time we finished moving everything, it was near 11 PM. D and I both decided that we needed a day to actually deal with stuff, so we stayed up late to finish putting his bed together, and then called in to work today. Currently don't have internet access at the apartment (at his old place now to pick up a few things, and logging in to deal with Madrigal prereg stuff), and won't until Friday. Today is dedicated to unpacking and buying the things that we need to finish making the place livable. Hopefully by the end of today we'll have enough stuff set up that the apartment is actually a functioning space, even if it's still somewhat filled with boxes.

Am so sore I can barely move. Had difficulty lifting a standing lamp that we bought at Walmart. It was not heavy.

OK, back to work!


Aug. 29th, 2006 01:53 pm
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Well, am gearing up for a move this Thursday and Friday, from current apartment to a new one about five miles away. Have plenty of help this time, which is beyond wonderful (Last time it was me, my two roommates, my parents, and another roommate's mother and sister. We're all pretty tough, but were lacking functional knees, backs, and testosterone in general, except for my dad.) So I'm less worried about that than I was. This is good. We're all going to be dead for the NERO event, but that can't be helped.

Not so good... my car started making higher-pitched whining noise above the sounds of the engine when I turned it on, used the gas, minor things like that. I'm somewhat morbidly amused that I randomly guessed what was wrong with the car (the alternator), given that I don't know anything about cars. This isn't really something I can ignore if I don't want my car to randomly quit on me at some undetermined time in the near future, so I'm getting it fixed (ie - replaced). So that's a largish chunk of change gone. :sigh: At least it will be fixed and I won't have to worry about it. I think my father needs to stop asking me how my car is running. Every time he does, something breaks. It's fine other times.

It's the sort of thing that makes me look forward to worrying about how the first Madrigal event will go.

Moved in

Aug. 28th, 2005 10:53 am
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Well, I'm moved in. So is one of my two roommates, the other is moving in during the next few days. My room is 90% unpacked, and we managed not to die trying to get most of the stuff up into the apartment, despite spirited attempts by a heavy table and a chair to kill us. I like the way my room is set up. Still not sure where I'm going to put one or two things, but it's totally satisfactory. Our living room and dining room are still more than a little empty, but we've got a solid start, and we've actually got most of what we need for the kitchen. I've been letting the person who likes to cook basically set up the kitchen the way she wants, so that's going well. Still sort of feel like I've moved into a dorm/house for college, though I'm confident that feeling will fade rapidly when we start paying bills.

Roleplaying last night was fun, even if I left early due to exhaustion. Which was entirely my own fault. On Friday night, was finishing packing, moving two queen-sized beds and a single bed up and down stairs, moving all furniture up and down stairs to get ready for move on Sat, and then finished off the evening by watching the last few episodes of Firefly. Was a lot of fun, but didn't get to sleep until 1:00, then woke up at 7, and spent the rest of the day hauling stuff up two flights of stairs. So very tired. But feeling quite accomplished.


Nov. 22nd, 2004 10:11 am
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Well, Saturday we moved from my grandparents house into a condo. I'm still with my parents, but I actually have an entire room now, and I don't feel like I'm staying in a guest bedroom anymore (which I'm not). New room doesn't feel like home, yet, but I once again have access to all of my books, which is awesome. I have a lot of books, I spent most of yesterday unpacking them. I've got an entire nook full of books, which is awesome. I'm still running out of room, despite having an extra bookshelf. I'm going to work on narrowing them down, starting with the duplicate copies that I can find. Lord of the Rings is good, but not so good that I need 2.66 copies of it. (I think I'm going to be stuck with 2 copies, though.) I'm down to the last box of books (number 7!), and having to get really creative with where they're going.

Moving was exhausting, and continues to be. Something happened with one of the two trucks, such that one arrived at 9am. The other wasn't going to arrive until Sunday, until my mother politely (not really) pointed out to the company that we didn't have beds to sleep on. The second truck arrived at 6ish, which meant that they were unpacking until well after 10, which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been sick and half-dead (I always time these things so perfectly). But I'm actually beginning to feel better. So glad that I got today off, so I can finish unpacking my room, at least. Then work for two days, and then Thanksgiving.

OK. Back to unpacking. Last box of books, then on to all sorts of little nick-nacky things. Later will hopefully get a shower curtain, so I can actually take a shower in my bathroom.

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