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Final Myanthea event was this past weekend, which was also my final NERO event. Was a fantastic event, epic and occasionally heart-wrenching and funny and just all around awesome. Complimented the staff after the event on the *pacing* of the event, which is an odd thing, I think, to focus on, but it really was fantastic.

On to the highlights: )

And my awesome teaser for the event, cause I want to be able to find it )

final thoughts on NERO Omi )
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Final Volta event was fun, and a very satisfying end to the campaign. Am moderately broken today, but am hopeful that I shall be a fully functioning human being by the end of the week.

highlights )
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This weekend was the Myanthea one-day. As usual, that meant that [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano and I drove to my parents' house (20 minutes from the site) to crash there Friday night. My dad was there, and we chatted a bit and watched an episode of Macguyver, which was really fun.

Saturday we slept in a bit, then headed to Myanthea )

Anyway, Myanthea was a ton of fun, except as usual, we didn't get out of there until well after midnight. Happily, a bed in my parents' house was still only 20 minutes away, so we drove there and crashed.

On Sunday, we were mostly brain-dead and spent most of the day sitting and staring blankly at stuff, or napping. Then, around dinnertime, got asked if we wanted to go see Hunger Games with a bunch of friends. Sure, why not?

I liked the movie. My main problem with it was that we were sitting in the second row, and the shaky camera thing started making me *very* nauceous 20 minutes into the movie, to the point where I started staring at my lap in order to not have to leave the theater. Eventually I figured out that if I tilted my head at a sharp enough angle the black above and below the screen would be in my field of vision and I wouldn't get sick. After that, really enjoyed the movie. Katniss is a badass, and so different than many of the female heroines. :) Will have to read the book.

Then we decided to go to dinner, which was a ton of fun, but probably not the best idea, as it led to us not getting home until after midnight. 6:20 AM came very early for me Monday morning, and I suspect 5-something AM came even earlier for [livejournal.com profile] sarricano. Ah well, was worth it. :)
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So I was looking through some very old Volta PELs, during which time I had absolutely no idea what was going on or who anyone was, and I found some rather amusing descriptions of some Volta NPCs.

So, time for a game of name that Volta NPC: )


Nov. 15th, 2011 10:19 am
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So, there's been some ridiculous amounts of excitement among some of my friends about the Myanthea one-day that happened this past weekend. I was unable to get up that much excitement, either because of larp/work burn-out, or because I just wasn't as involved in stuff, or because I never actually played Myanthea when it was a game before, so a lot of the people involved weren't as real to me.

I figured, though, that I'd get into it when I got there.

I was right! )

I'm still kinda tired, both from the event and from helping someone move the next day, but I'm glad we went. Is good to pay forward karma from all the times people have helped me move.
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Busy weekend. Friday night we drove to my parents' place to crash (it's 20 minutes from the Volta 1-day site), a plan which was marred only by both [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano and I forgetting our contacts at home, so we had to drive back there, resulting in a somewhat later bed-time than was optimal.

Saturday was Volta. The weather was pretty awful, but we mostly managed to stay on top of it via continuous consumption of fluids, and a hilarious field fight.

Volta highlights )

Sunday was recovery day, and Captain America was awesome :) Watch out, some vague spoilers below. )

We got back later than we intended, but it was a great day overall.


May. 23rd, 2011 11:57 am
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So Volta happened. It was a very odd event for me. I wasn't directly involved in most of the big things that were happening during the weekend, but a lot of my friends were, and even just being on the peripheries of things was extremely emotionally rough. We're winning? Maybe?

some highlights... lots of them, actually )

Am sort of a wreck today. That probably comes from the whole not sleeping much over the course of the weekend. But I am now moved into my new cube (way better lighting than the old one), and there are only a few tiny hints of red around the edges of my nails, which I was vaguely worried about after trying unsuccessfully to scrub the 'blood' off for most of the weekend after Sat morning. :)
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So on Saturday, some of Volta's staff/players ran 'little kid NERO'. It was awesome.

details below cut )


Sep. 20th, 2010 02:24 pm
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Had a fun time at Volta. I stayed up way too late and made my cough a little worse over the course of the weekend, but that was mostly my own stupidity. I did eat and drink enough, so I was good about that. :)

Some highlights: )

Thanks for a great weekend!
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This weekend, went to Ravenholt and had a pretty fun time, aside from the time I lost a fight with a bench. No, I wasn't being chased or anything interesting like that, though I was told I should tell people I was fighting off 20 monsters by myself when it happened. Unfortunately, there wasn't even a monster in sight. I stood up from the bench, tripped over my own two feet, then landed on the bench on my way to the concrete floor. My leg is very interesting colors today.

I was a mess last night. I'm not sure if it was the heat, some sort of stomach bug, something I ate, or a combination of all three, but I spent a good while stretched out on the couch wishing dearly I was unconscious. I felt better before I went to bed (at 9PM), but today I could barely keep my eyes open, and ended up leaving work early when I realized I was thinking seriously of going to my car so I could curl up in the back seat and take a nap. I got the hoped-for nap, and even ended up meeting my parents for dinner. Going to go to bed early again tonight, and hopefully tomorrow will be back in proper working order.

Now on to highlights from the event:  )
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First of all, I have an updated picture of the newfie puppy that's living next door to my parents. This picture is apparently a few weeks old, when it was (only) 45lbs. It's up to about 65 now. My parents say that it's feet are the size of dinner plates.

So cute.

Moving on to actual updates:

probably be longish, includes some body stuff and my very late RH update )


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