May. 9th, 2007 09:47 am
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Had a lot of fun. I didn't go on many mods, but I don't remember ever being bored (near dead with exhaustion, sure, but not bored). Lots and lots of fun roleplay, a couple of good fights (I helped kill a pantherghast!), some moments of fear where I'm told that our (the PCs) faces looked very funny.

I love culture/intrigue roleplay, and there was a ton of it. A council of barbarian shamans and chiefs showed up to mostly be rude to us and accuse us of trying to take over their lands for Evendarr. (Except for the one who was not, and I wasn't sure that we wanted his help.) Highlight of that encounter was when someone on the council asked, "Who here was not born in Evendarr?" and fully 2/3 of the people assembled raised their hands, followed by one of them declaring that the council should not trust Evendarr in any way. I'm told that player thought he wasn't going to live through the night.

So anyway, some very cool stuff. I spent a good chunk of my weekend just talking to people about random, non-plot-related stuff that was very fun and interesting. Someone told me that thanks to the conversations we'd had, his character was no longer sure of what he wanted to do with himself. Also made up a few more bits of information about Omi's town, much to the amusement of everyone involved. If you hear about someone threating someone else with 'Omi with a rock', it's my own fault.
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Last few days in Utah )

Thank goodness I had Friday to sleep late and recover (not to mention take shower, do laundry, and pack).

NERO Revel )

I'm sort of braindead today, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated being, which is good, because I'm still piling through thirty-bazillion things that piled up last week at work. Losing the hour of sleep this weekend did not help, though.


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