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Got a Christmas tree and decorated it with my parents, then headed up to NH. Due to conflicting schedules (and D doing about a million hours of overtime), actual getting-to-spend-time-together was minimal, but still relaxing. Sunday went out to mall with a bunch of very cool people where we chatted, tried on clothes, bought Christmas presents, petted cute bunnies, and generally had fun. Then I drove back to Derry and got there in time to watch the second half of the Pats game. They even have something that lets you pause and rewind live TV, so I got to see the really cool play that I missed by two minutes.

Ended up driving back to Mass last night, to avoid the messy weather/traffic this morning, which was probably a good idea overall.

Oh, and last week, I made a nice (costume) shirt for someone. It lacks only a clasp for the collar and finishing up the sleeves, which will happen as soon as I can get him in front of me to figure out how long his arms are. But it looks like the weird inset stuff I did on the sleeves worked, which is always a relief when I start departing from patterns. Feeling productive. :)


Dec. 4th, 2007 01:50 pm
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So I was watching the Pats game last night. No stress here, right? At 10:30, can barely keep my eyes open, and decide I'm not getting enough out of the game in terms of comprehension to make it worth staying up late and getting more tired. So I got to bed.

At 3:00 in the morning (probably the end of a sleep cycle), I wake up. Not cold, no bad dreams, just wake up. I'm all set to roll over and drift back off when I realize that the game is over by now and that I could find out who won. At 3 in the morning. I tell myself I'm an idiot and I'm not getting out of my nice warm bed to go turn on my computer so I can find out what happened. It's not like it's going to change in the next four hours before I get up.

No go. After lying there for ten minutes, trying not to think about how I could be finding out what happened, I give up, get up, and switch on my computer. Thirty seconds later I have my answer and climb back into bed, and am asleep ten seconds after that.

I blame Zip for this. Zip and D. Both of them.


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