Oct. 26th, 2009 10:58 am
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Pirates event was fun. I would have been happier had there been less rain and less cold, but really, it wasn't too bad and it cleared up very nicely late Sat night/Sunday morning, so I can't complain too much. There was this hilarious situation where most of the people on my crew brought various cold-weather costuming we had for other games and played a game of musical clothes, since none of us went to the trouble of making tons of cold-weather costuming for these characters. So just about everything we wore has been seen before on some character, just most of it hadn't been seen on the player who was wearing it. :)

more details about the actual event, rather than just the weather )

So... the story has ended. We won, mostly. It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I won't get to play Mary again. I'll miss her. She was one of my odder characters, but fun to play. I will especially miss my crew, who were all awesome and rolled with me insulting them left and right and didn't take it personally. I do hope that they run a Pirates 2 someday, but if not, at least I can picture my crew all bitching at each other as they sail off into the sunset. (Towing one boat with another.)
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Was a ton of fun, thanks to both plot and my team. I was running through the things that were fun/cool, and every time I thought I hit the end of the list I remembered something else. Some of them were big/major encounters, some of them were quick little moments of RP (usually with Abigail and Mary bitching at each other). The staff and NPCs were awesome, the RP was cool, the fighting was clean (I took almost no shots to the head despite fighting up and down hills in the dark and in fogged-up mod buildings). The weather was unpleasant but not miserable and generally we didn't notice it too much.

Anyway, some of my highlights below. Extremely long version. )

Also, after the event, someone had the amusing observation that there's actually less backstabbing and betraying of people/town in the pirate game than in most larps we play where presumably more people are 'hero' type characters. We think it's because if a hero gets backstabbed/screwed/whatever, they'll probably try to have a trial or something, and a trial is long and boring and usually comes to nothing. If a pirate gets backstabbed, assuming that they're still around, they murder whoever did it (or their crew does). Hence, less backstabbing.


Jun. 8th, 2009 11:10 am
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It's not what you think. (Or maybe it is, I have some strange friends.)

Went to Pirate Island this weekend. )


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