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So far as I can tell, they offer customization for not much money on most of their clothes, which are sorta neat (retro-ish, but neat) on their own:


Figured might be of interest to some of my friends.
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So, every morning I drive by this reservoir on the way to work. During the spring, summer, and fall, it's especially cool, because lots of people walk their dogs there and I often get to go 'Doggie!' at the cuteness on my way to work. In the winter, less so, but for the last several days, it's had a different sort of entertainment value. For the last several days, at various points along the shoreline where there are plants growing (or the dead remnants thereof), I've been able to watch those plants get slowly covered by a thin layer of ice, from the water splashing up off the reservoir. The ice crystals have slowly been growing up and out as the wind and water pushed them higher. It's kinda cool.

This morning, thanks to the high winds and ridiculous cold that we had last night, all of those points basically look like explosions of ice. Like someone dropped a bomb in the water and then flash-froze the explosion. It's very cool.

In other news, my cold has progressed from the ridiculously sore throat stage to the runny nose stage, which I actually prefer (I say this now, having just spent two and a half days at the sore throat stage, I'm sure I'll get sick of it soon enough) since it can be dealt with using tissues and won't impact my ability to eat the food at the company holiday party.


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