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Busy weekend that just passed.

Friday Night/Sat morning )

the wedding )

hurricane Irene )

So, busy weekend, but had a lot of fun and even managed to get some stuff done. Been a fairly standard week since then. Productive Madrigal staff meeting last night. I need to pack for NPCing MM tonight, which should be a pile of fun, since I'm not 100% sure where all of my larping stuff is among the boxes which are still scattered around the apartment. Oh, and I have a fully functioning car again, which is nice, after the gas leak, broken light, and then other gas leak. Literally for the last week every time I took my car in to get something fixed, something else had broken in the two days between. But it's all fixed now. Yay.

Oh, and the quote of the week, from the guy at the auto repair place when I asked if my car was safe to drive until a part came in. "Yeah, you should be fine. You don't smoke, right?"
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This weekend, went to Ravenholt and had a pretty fun time, aside from the time I lost a fight with a bench. No, I wasn't being chased or anything interesting like that, though I was told I should tell people I was fighting off 20 monsters by myself when it happened. Unfortunately, there wasn't even a monster in sight. I stood up from the bench, tripped over my own two feet, then landed on the bench on my way to the concrete floor. My leg is very interesting colors today.

I was a mess last night. I'm not sure if it was the heat, some sort of stomach bug, something I ate, or a combination of all three, but I spent a good while stretched out on the couch wishing dearly I was unconscious. I felt better before I went to bed (at 9PM), but today I could barely keep my eyes open, and ended up leaving work early when I realized I was thinking seriously of going to my car so I could curl up in the back seat and take a nap. I got the hoped-for nap, and even ended up meeting my parents for dinner. Going to go to bed early again tonight, and hopefully tomorrow will be back in proper working order.

Now on to highlights from the event:  )
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First of all, I have an updated picture of the newfie puppy that's living next door to my parents. This picture is apparently a few weeks old, when it was (only) 45lbs. It's up to about 65 now. My parents say that it's feet are the size of dinner plates.

So cute.

Moving on to actual updates:

probably be longish, includes some body stuff and my very late RH update )
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I had the best time at RH that I've had in a long while. :)

Cut for length )
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Fun weekend overall. more details behind cut )

Afterwards, we headed over to [livejournal.com profile] callierat and Angle's place, where we stayed up way too late talking about random stuff. Eventually we went to bed, and then spent most of the next day hanging out and talking larping (NERO, 7V, and Madrigal, specifically) while watching bad vampire movies (and Ninja Warrior! It requires exclamation points!!!).

Didn't get home until after 6 yesterday, but it was totally worth it. Good times.

Edited later to add:
- listening to the uselessness of having the majority of Daniel Redpath and Ian Girling's forces fighting each other. Undead with nasty carriers work poorly against other undead. Not to mention they're mostly standing there looking at each other.
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Was at RH this past weekend. Had a pretty good time.

highlights from the weekend )

RH weekend

May. 5th, 2008 10:54 am
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The (very) brief summary: I had more fun than I've had at RH in years, and I maimed myself.

not-so-brief version )

And, in conclusion, I am ridiculously excited for not doing anything next weekend.
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I, being insane, went to two different NERO events in one day. There were things I wanted to do at both, so I went to one in the day, and the other one at night. It worked out better than I thought, actually, though I'm still exhausted. Details below under cuts.

Volta )

RH )

On Sunday, failed to sleep in, so lazed around most of the day in a semi-coma before heading to Zip's party. There were lots of good people there, good food, everything good except for a win. That sucked.

Then, last night, I wasn't feeling well and was up for several hours, which is not helping with my recovery from the weekend. Intend to go to bed early tonight. But good fun at the events.

Oh, and my new personal goal for Omi is to *know* when I'm talking to royalty.
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OK. So whoever told whatever controls the weather that it would be really funny to have a 70-degree week of beautiful weather, only to follow it up with 90+ degree muggy weather on the weekend of a larp, only to cool down immediately afterwards, needs to be shot.

NERO weekend )
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Had some good points and bad points. Mostly was just sorta bleh, actually. I went on a couple of mods, but didn't really do much of anything, or know what was going on. (The fact that I didn't get into game Friday night at all probably didn't help.) The campsite does not help with this, unfortunately. All the cabins are in one tiny little circle, and there's no where to go except from the cabins to the tavern and back again, and the tavern is a full 200 feet from the circle of cabins. So if you weren't actively doing something, you were probably sitting outside (no room inside the cabins) in the circle of cabins, watching people who were doing likewise.

Had a couple of cool/fun moments, like when (I think) I surprised an NPC when he asked what was probably supposed to be a deep philisophical question and I happened to have a very practical (and literal) answer on hand. There was a moment of silence, a visible blink, then "That is an acceptable answer." Also had fun fiddling with a puzzle, and it was cool when I got given a present in front of most of town for... I'm not exactly sure what it was for, but it was still cool. Couple of good fights, including one hilarious one where I was literally juggling weapons tossing them to different fighters to try to get them weapons that would actually damage a magic-resistant NPC.

There were a *ridiculous* number of new NPCs. I heard something like 3/4 of their NPCs were brand-new. I saw them learning how to fight (not learning the rules set, learning basic things like how to swing a weapon) Friday night. Yes, you could tell they were new, but with one exception, it didn't really impact my fun, and it was really cool to watch them getting into it and learning the game. And I was terribly impressed by the fact that they still had it in them to do *several* full-on, screaming, running charges in the hot sun during the Sunday wave battle.

So there were definitely some fun moments, unfortunately there was also a lot of sitting around and frustration on a couple of fronts. (Food SUCKED. I couldn't eat it. Not amused.)

Oh, also did an NPC shift Friday night, playing dark elf bodyguard for the king of the dark elves. The encounter didn't start until the time it was supposed to end (about 1AM), and then went on for hours, during which there was a lot of standing around, but I got to see some terribly cool scenes and scare a couple of people, both of which were fun, as was being told after game that several people had to look twice to figure out who I was. Didn't get to death Trivanus, but I suppose you can't have everything. :-P
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More behind cuts.

weight loss )


I'm also working on a lot of different text props and write-ups for Madrigal, which is providing me with much entertainment, even if I'm not getting a lot accomplished.
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This is a fairly massive update, split up into sections.

the move )

Ravenholt )

Madrigal )
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On Monday, I called in sick, since I've got a ton of time saved up and really didn't want to get out of bed. I slept all the way until 9:30 (gasp) then sat around all morning, before heading off to find a store to change my cell phone service for reasons which are somewhat long and uninteresting. The interesting part is that I got a new phone, which makes me happy, since this one folds and will stop dialing itself when I throw it into my purse. Gotta say, no complaints on the sturdiness of the old phone, which I've had since my freshman year of college (6? years ago? What the heck happened?), and I got it second-hand as well. I'm thinking the phone must have been 8 years old. Still working fine, though. But it is exciting to have new phone, even if it doesn't really have any super-nifty features. I hate phones in general, so the odds of me using it enough to justify super-nifty features is slight.
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Details behind cut ).

Now trying to clear my head and get it focussed on Madrigal prep this week.


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