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Saturday went out to 5 Wits Espionage for [livejournal.com profile] winterswan's birthday. It was a lot of fun trying to solve puzzles and stuff, though I think that the 'guide' was a bit confused about our approach.

"I have a tool so you won't need to pick locks or anything."

Our group: "Awwww."

And I totally was ready to jump our guide at the end if he turned out to be the mole.

After that it was out to dinner, which was a lot of fun. Got to hang out with a lot of cool people, many of whom I haven't spent much time with outside of larps.

The weather was sort of atrocious, but hey, otherwise a great day.

Sunday was devoted to hanging around the house, making myself a hood (should be warm), and making manicotti, which I haven't made in way too long.

Yesterday my work remained open, but I got permission to work from home. Which was good, because there was no way I was going anywhere in that snow. I spent most of the day alternating between work and shoveling. Every year I forget how much work it is to toss a shovelful of snow onto a pile taller than my head, and every year nature reminds me. My arms/shoulders hate me today, and picking up small objects is way more of a challenge than it should be.

But I did manage to pretty much stay on top of the shoveling, so this morning all I had to do was clean off my car one more time and I was able to pull right out of the driveway, no problems.
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Now I need to make a run to a fabric store for a new project, but I'm having trouble motivating myself to get out of the house.
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There is sun in the sky. It is amazing. I'd pretty much forgotten what it looked like. Is pretty.

weekend=snow )

Snow Day!

Dec. 13th, 2007 02:40 pm
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My company closed at 2PM today because of the utterly ridiculous snow. It was already too late, traffic is *awful* and not going to get better any time soon. I was pleased with my decision to leave my car at home and walk to work.

It meant I got to walk across the street while watching cars piling up trying to get out of the parking lot at work, and walk even faster as the policemen sent out to direct traffic at the horrible five-way intersection right in front of my office cursed at the drivers.

I have big plans to go nowhere today.


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