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Was pretty fun. Wednesday evening D and I went up to the Loop to meet some people for dinner, and got to see a friend I haven't in a while.

Thursday morning, drove with my parents down to my uncle's house in CT. Spent most of the day hanging out and catching up with family members I don't see very often. Also managed not to burn down my uncle's house, despite a spirited attempt at such by certain family members. D helped cooking a lot, since my aunt couldn't be there and she usually does all the cooking. There was also a hilarious game of sort-of touch football with my uncle, dad, brother, cousin, and my cousin's two kids. We counted, and among the adults, there were a full 3 functioning legs between them.

Late that evening, drove down to my grandparents' place in NJ. Friday was devoted to a bit of shopping and a lot of hanging around and reading. My brother played soccer with a bunch of the alumni from his high school team, which let me get a look at the school, which looks very different than when I was there. They also have a new astroturf field, and finally fixed the track so there aren't huge sinkholes in the middle of it. Looks nice.

Saturday, had the other side of my family show up for dinner. 22 people in a 2 bedroom apartment. Was tight, but fun, and I got to catch up with a bunch of people, which was nice. Drive back was awful in the beginning, but got better once we got past the bridge out of NJ and was smooth sailing after that.

Smooth sailing until we got back to my parents' place and discovered that my car was utterly dead. My dad left on the lights when he moved it, because in his car, the lights go off on their own after you lock the car. :sigh: Luckily my mother found a neighbor with jumper cables and the willingness to stand outside for a while while the battery charged a bit, because it was so dead it wouldn't even start with a jump. We fried some of the interior lights, but at least the car is running and the battery works again. I'll get it fixed sometime this week.

Today was much more low-key, though I'd be happier if the Patriots were doing better. And if I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow.
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Thanksgiving was much as it always is, both a lot of fun and somewhat stressful. Fun comes from seeing my family, and the stress comes from the same place, too many people in too small a space, mostly, with some odd personality quirks thrown in for good measure. Oh, and this year had the drugged-up-and-in-pain father, too.

Knee surgery Wednesday + 2 hour drive to CT + 2 hour drive to NJ + 4 hours back to MA = bad.

D also came along this year, and got to meet pretty much everyone else in my close family that he hadn't met before. Handled it great (I thought), especially with about half of them making smart-ass comments the second they met him. Also helped out with some computer issues and was really very patient about being volunteered (when not even in the room) for heavy-lifting.

Very glad that we drove back on Sat, though, as it gave me Sunday to decompress and actually relax a bit before coming back to work today. Pats game was nuts. I went to bed around 11, a mistake I won't be making again, since instead of going to sleep, I just lay awake and stared at the ceiling, waiting for D to come to bed and tell me if the Pats won.

Oh, and I may have convinced some of my cousins to come try larping at the Madrigal revel.


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