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Final Volta event was fun, and a very satisfying end to the campaign. Am moderately broken today, but am hopeful that I shall be a fully functioning human being by the end of the week.

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So I was looking through some very old Volta PELs, during which time I had absolutely no idea what was going on or who anyone was, and I found some rather amusing descriptions of some Volta NPCs.

So, time for a game of name that Volta NPC: )
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Busy weekend. Friday night we drove to my parents' place to crash (it's 20 minutes from the Volta 1-day site), a plan which was marred only by both [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano and I forgetting our contacts at home, so we had to drive back there, resulting in a somewhat later bed-time than was optimal.

Saturday was Volta. The weather was pretty awful, but we mostly managed to stay on top of it via continuous consumption of fluids, and a hilarious field fight.

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Sunday was recovery day, and Captain America was awesome :) Watch out, some vague spoilers below. )

We got back later than we intended, but it was a great day overall.


May. 23rd, 2011 11:57 am
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So Volta happened. It was a very odd event for me. I wasn't directly involved in most of the big things that were happening during the weekend, but a lot of my friends were, and even just being on the peripheries of things was extremely emotionally rough. We're winning? Maybe?

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Am sort of a wreck today. That probably comes from the whole not sleeping much over the course of the weekend. But I am now moved into my new cube (way better lighting than the old one), and there are only a few tiny hints of red around the edges of my nails, which I was vaguely worried about after trying unsuccessfully to scrub the 'blood' off for most of the weekend after Sat morning. :)


Sep. 20th, 2010 02:24 pm
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Had a fun time at Volta. I stayed up way too late and made my cough a little worse over the course of the weekend, but that was mostly my own stupidity. I did eat and drink enough, so I was good about that. :)

Some highlights: )

Thanks for a great weekend!


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:04 am
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Played Volta this weekend, had fun.

Details below cut )

Kinda braindead today, and downing hot tea/hot chocolate/hot water like it's my job, trying to stave off the cough that's tickling around in the back of my throat/chest.


Dec. 7th, 2009 11:14 am
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Was a pretty good event. The weather was sorta lousy all day Saturday, until it actually got cold enough that the snow stuck and didn't just make you wet, at which point it was sorta awesome. It was funny that the snow at the 3PM field fight sorta just made things cold, wet, and miserable, and the snow at the 8PM field fight just set the scene and added to it. (Sure it made us lose all of our packets, but once I started subbing in snowballs for spell packets the scene was complete.)

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Nov. 2nd, 2009 10:38 am
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Had a pretty busy weekend.

Friday night was gaming (while I braided my hair). Our group is actually together and has a purpose, which is a plus. Overall it was just a really fun time, although I had to bow out a bit early so I could get home and go to bed so I'd get a full night of sleep before Volta the next day.

Saturday was Volta )

Sunday we slept all the way until 8AM (well, 9AM without the time change, which is a little more acceptable), hung around for a while, then went to a pig roast, where we talked about larping (mostly), played with fire, ate pig, put out fires on the lawn, and then sat around a fire and talked for a long while.

Was a good weekend.
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Had a pretty good weekend at Volta. My only complaint is the weather Sat night which had me pretty physically miserable, which was in no way the fault of the staff, so that's a pretty good weekend overall.

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Unfortunately, I'm a bit sick today, so I called in to work. I have big plans to drink a lot of tea and rest, and hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow.
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Looks... :knocks on wood: OK. Minor chance of rain Friday afternoon, and a bit cooler than I'd like all around (though the people who do more running around and hitting of things than I do will probably appreciate temps in the 60s), but really, not that bad.

Plus it always seems appropriate for Volta to be cloudy and coolish (if not cold).
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Had a good weekend. This was helped along by the fact that my weekend started on Friday.

I had errands, so I took Friday off )

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Sunday was Avatar day for us )
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First of all, Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] tashewolf! Hope that you have an awesome day. :)

Weekend was very fun, though cold. Saturday day was the Volta event.

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Sunday was devoted to sitting around and whining about how much our bodies hurt from the event Saturday. Nice and relaxing.
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I, being an idiot and/or nuts, went to two different events, as two different PCs, this weekend. Friday night was Aralis, followed by driving to Volta Sat morning to play NERO all day, then driving back to Aralis just in time to be involved in much angsting and yelling. I had a great time.

a possible indicator of why I'm nuts; warning: LONG )


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