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Time for a rare real-life post! Warning: definitely going to be long.

Trip to NJ... )

All in all, a very successful but totally exhausting trip.
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Had a good time at the Madrigal event. Didn't get to do nearly enough fighting, and I think I was fighting off a cold or something because I randomly fell over early both nights ('early' being 2AM and 1AM respectively), which was annoying to me. Weather was pretty awful, basically various forms of slush fell from the sky from Saturday afternoon all the way through game end, but we (and the PCs) persevered through it.

some random highlights )

Also, love our PCs. A couple groups of them, upon my begging for help, grabbed trashbags and did the thoroughly awful job of packet-sweeping in the cold and wet after the game so staff wouldn't get stuck with the job.
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Busy weekend that just passed.

Friday Night/Sat morning )

the wedding )

hurricane Irene )

So, busy weekend, but had a lot of fun and even managed to get some stuff done. Been a fairly standard week since then. Productive Madrigal staff meeting last night. I need to pack for NPCing MM tonight, which should be a pile of fun, since I'm not 100% sure where all of my larping stuff is among the boxes which are still scattered around the apartment. Oh, and I have a fully functioning car again, which is nice, after the gas leak, broken light, and then other gas leak. Literally for the last week every time I took my car in to get something fixed, something else had broken in the two days between. But it's all fixed now. Yay.

Oh, and the quote of the week, from the guy at the auto repair place when I asked if my car was safe to drive until a part came in. "Yeah, you should be fine. You don't smoke, right?"
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Saturday went out to 5 Wits Espionage for [livejournal.com profile] winterswan's birthday. It was a lot of fun trying to solve puzzles and stuff, though I think that the 'guide' was a bit confused about our approach.

"I have a tool so you won't need to pick locks or anything."

Our group: "Awwww."

And I totally was ready to jump our guide at the end if he turned out to be the mole.

After that it was out to dinner, which was a lot of fun. Got to hang out with a lot of cool people, many of whom I haven't spent much time with outside of larps.

The weather was sort of atrocious, but hey, otherwise a great day.

Sunday was devoted to hanging around the house, making myself a hood (should be warm), and making manicotti, which I haven't made in way too long.

Yesterday my work remained open, but I got permission to work from home. Which was good, because there was no way I was going anywhere in that snow. I spent most of the day alternating between work and shoveling. Every year I forget how much work it is to toss a shovelful of snow onto a pile taller than my head, and every year nature reminds me. My arms/shoulders hate me today, and picking up small objects is way more of a challenge than it should be.

But I did manage to pretty much stay on top of the shoveling, so this morning all I had to do was clean off my car one more time and I was able to pull right out of the driveway, no problems.
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So I think one of the larpers I know from south of CT (happy, [livejournal.com profile] createuniverse?) commented on how NE larpers seem to have a lot of different costuming, and specifically, a ton of costuming that can be worn in multiple layers. There is a reason for this:

On Saturday, it became spring.

On Saturday, the temperature hit 70 degrees, and it was sunny and beautiful. I got a bit of a sunburn.

Yesterday, it hit 60, though it was quite windy.

This morning, I drove through snow to get to work.

Thank you, spring in NE.


Mar. 12th, 2010 09:26 am
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Well, Aralis is tomorrow, so naturally the weather is supposed to be relatively crappy. Ah well, at least I can stay indoors if I want.

Need to read some old PELs and remember what Fathom was doing...


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:00 am
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I've got a lot of excitement going on. Madrigal is this weekend. (Yay!) Volta is the weekend after. (also yay, and less likely to make my head explode) Excited about 7V, even though it's still a good ways away. And I saw the super-bowl ad for The Last Airbender, which looks cool as well.

And... yay Madrigal! Is so cool to see all the scheming that is going on. :)

Also, for reference: )
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If you're coming up from many hours south of here, weather update:

It's not supposed to get out of the 20s on Saturday. Last I saw was a high of 24. Bring lots of warm stuff. The site isn't large, and the one building we have access to is heated, but I can't imagine we'll be spending much time in said building.

Also... I have it on good authority that staff has scheduled one half-hour for eating in the afternoon. There is a small refrigerator and a microwave on site, if you want to pick something up from the food store to eat.
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Looks... :knocks on wood: OK. Minor chance of rain Friday afternoon, and a bit cooler than I'd like all around (though the people who do more running around and hitting of things than I do will probably appreciate temps in the 60s), but really, not that bad.

Plus it always seems appropriate for Volta to be cloudy and coolish (if not cold).


Mar. 4th, 2009 10:50 am
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Well, I had an unexpectedly long weekend. Friday I stayed home sick, and then Monday got snowed in until the afternoon.

The sick part sort of stunk a lot (I'm still not really recovered), but other than that, fun weekend. Friday I sat around like a lump, drank a lot of tea, and watched some TV. And napped in between coughing/sneezing fits.

Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano worked an extra day, so I once again made with the sitting around. Did manage to get out of the house long enough to buy some fabric and trim for a coat for Sarrciano. Sat afternoon, we drove down to [livejournal.com profile] thedeviantangel's place to hang out with her and [livejournal.com profile] silway. She cooked lasagna for us (yum) and we all talked a ton about larping, switching between games every 10 minutes or so. Was a ton of fun, and we stayed way later than I'd intended, but we kept starting new interesting conversations that we didn't want to cut short.

Sunday, failed to get to the store to buy some cough medicine, but did get a good start on the coat while watching a LotR marathon. Ran out of black thread for the serger, though, which was sad. Even sadder was how many times I messed up one of the sleeves. After the second time I fucked it up and had to rip out not only the stitching but the serged edges too, I decided to put it down for the night. That didn't stop me from glaring at it and smacking it every time I caught a glimpse of it as I walked by, though. Because I'm totally rational like that. It was clearly the outfit's fault that I'm an idiot.

Monday, my work had a delayed opening, which was cool, except the roads near my house weren't really drivable until after noon, so I just took the day off. Managed to finish the coat, including the trim, and I'm reasonably satisfied with how it came out. We also did manage to get to the store for cold medicine, which is helping to defeat the stupid cold, and some food items. Failed to find something to hang the picture that we got for Christmas, but that's ok, because yesterday [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano went to Home Depot and got something to hang it with, so now we have a painting hanging on our wall. Almost like a real house. Looks very nice. :)

Yesterday was crazy at work, what with me needing to catch up on two days of work and it being the beginning of the month and having meetings all day. It was crazy, but productive. And tonight is Madrigal meeting. Yay.
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There is sun in the sky. It is amazing. I'd pretty much forgotten what it looked like. Is pretty.

weekend=snow )
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Stitch 'N Bitch was a ton of fun, as usual. I didn't get as much accomplished as I usually do, but I did manage to finish three different projects that had been in varying stages of 'almost done' for months, so that was quite satisfying. Even better was when I showed what I'd done for Draco's shirt to him, and asked him if it was what he had in mind (had some fun details for the sleeves). His response: "No, not at all. This is so much better than what I was thinking!"

Had a bunch of new faces there, which was cool. Lots of larping talk, unsurprisingly, and watching the Pats win!!! :) Saw some really neat projects, and was very happy that Sophie/Fayden got a good start on her sewing career with an outfit that's going to look amazing. Also some talk with Keyla about birka and plans thereafter.

Overall just a good time.

I'm supposed to fly out of Boston at 6:25 PM tonight to go to Miami for a day-and-a-half meeting for business. Not sure if that is going to happen at all, given the weather, but my boss is being fairly reasonable about it, so that's not too bad.
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Given the hurricane that is currently barreling down on us, and the just-above-freezing temperatures that will be around during said hurricane, I'm suddenly finding it very easy to convince myself that my wind, rain, and snow-proof snowskiing jacket will look IG if covered by a tabbard or something.
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I like good weather. The fact that it's barely March and has already been sunny and above freezing for an entire week is a minor miracle in and of itself, and it's wonderful. So much easier to get up and get going in the morning when you see bright sunny day with melting snow than gray clouds and ten below. :happy sigh: I love watching melting snow. So much fun. I've only been late to class once because of it.

Random quizzes )
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This just seemed neat to me, and got me to go back to thinking about trips I've taken. Pretty cool, actually.

states_quiz )

In other news, our college continues to send us e-mails about how to keep from freezing to death in our own rooms. Very reassuring.


Jan. 14th, 2004 03:03 pm
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Well, the college only sent out three e-mail messages last night, warning us about the horrible cold weather today. Their brilliant instructions included: don't open the windows, don't go outside, don't open the windows, don't have any exposed skin, don't open the windows, prepare for cars to be dead, and 'we will charge money if you open any of the windows.'

It is *very* cold out. I figured this out early, when I walked from my dorm to the next building over (a distance of about 150 feet), and the bridge of my nose and eyes (the only exposed surfaces on my skin) hurt a lot by the time I got there.

In stupid news, my boss has informed me that she wants me to reorganize some old files. I wouldn't mind this so much if I hadn't already reorganized them twice (maybe three times) in the last two years! And if it was my fault, I wouldn't mind, either, but they just keep changing their minds on how they want it organized. To top it off, she keeps giving me instructions on what to do with my free time, but instructions that are either so vague as to be useless, or instructions to do things that I can't do without her direct help, which I won't have. Irritating.

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Why is it that the two seem to go together? Had two cases of it in two days.

First was Sat night (middle of blizzard-time for those of us in Maine). We were playing D&D in a school-owned lounge when a security guy came in to tell us that they were locking down the rest of the building, as a state of emergency had been declared. Since he wasn't kicking us out, we mostly ignored him. Discovered why a state of emergency had been declared when we tried to leave several hours later and found that we had to dig out the door to get it open and closed, then got to trudge back to dorms through 2 feet of snow.

Other stupidity was yesterday, when I got overly-enthusiastic about playing Twister and managed to strain something in my hip and pull a muscle in my leg. I won, though!

Quick quiz, then back to studying.

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I have a theory that whenever I come into possession of a car for more than a day or two, it starts to spontaneously decompose.

Cut for whining and length: stupid )

In other news, finals are approaching, and I'm coming down with some illness that is sapping my energy and will to accomplish *anything*, which is not so good. Also trying to decide if I should get a bunch of friends together to get another friend a present. I want to get her this present, but at the same time, it's kinda wierd to work on getting her this thing and not other people, plus I don't want her to feel obligated to get all of us presents in return, and I think she will. Have to figure that out soon.
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There was the coolest lightening storm a few nights ago. I swear the entire sky was lighting up two or three times a minute, and some of the flashes were really bright and REALLY close. My mom dragged us outside to watch it.

Just got my performance appraisal, and it appears that I shall have my job for the rest of the summer, which is always nice. Just got back from aikido, where we were doing a bokken class, which was fun, although sometimes I feel like I shall never get anywhere with this. Ah well.


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