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Time for a rare real-life post! Warning: definitely going to be long.

Trip to NJ... )

All in all, a very successful but totally exhausting trip.
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Busy weekend that just passed.

Friday Night/Sat morning )

the wedding )

hurricane Irene )

So, busy weekend, but had a lot of fun and even managed to get some stuff done. Been a fairly standard week since then. Productive Madrigal staff meeting last night. I need to pack for NPCing MM tonight, which should be a pile of fun, since I'm not 100% sure where all of my larping stuff is among the boxes which are still scattered around the apartment. Oh, and I have a fully functioning car again, which is nice, after the gas leak, broken light, and then other gas leak. Literally for the last week every time I took my car in to get something fixed, something else had broken in the two days between. But it's all fixed now. Yay.

Oh, and the quote of the week, from the guy at the auto repair place when I asked if my car was safe to drive until a part came in. "Yeah, you should be fine. You don't smoke, right?"
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leading up to holidays )

Christmas Eve )

Christmas Day )

The Storm )

since then )

Now I need to make a run to a fabric store for a new project, but I'm having trouble motivating myself to get out of the house.
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Week before Madrigal )

Madrigal! )

Randy's Wedding )

Monday morning we drove back down to Woburn from NH and spent most of the day sitting around staring blankly into space. Eventually we woke up enough to watch some Bones, then [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano went to do some gaming, and I got to start reading PELs. Yay!

Good times.
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It was a weird weekend for me.

Lost Eidalons )

wedding! )

Sunday )


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