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Life continues to be busy and at least moderately stressful, but onwards and upwards and all that good stuff.

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So this past Saturday was the first day in, like, months, where I was not doing something/traveling somewhere, and also not recovering from a one-day.

Spent most of the day alternating between watching the Olympics, cleaning the apartment, making fixes to various costume pieces, running errands with [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano, doing laundry, and occasionally retreating to the bedroom where the AC was when I overheated too much. Managed to do a really solid job on the kitchen, an ok job on the living room and spare bedroom, and got all the laundry and costume stuff done, so I felt accomplished. Gosh it was miserable and hot, though.

Sunday was mostly devoted to finishing up laundry, and then watching bad movies with friends. One of them was hilarious... and I still have no idea what it was about. Has been suggested to me that the only way it would make more sense would involve drugs. Lots of drugs.

Anyway, good weekend, and man did I need it. I was way too pleased to actually be able to take care of those stupid little things that had been building up for a month or more.
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Busy few days:

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Had a good time, and a fairly low-key weekend, which was especially good given the crazy that is going to happen for the rest of this month.

Saturday, went down to visit [livejournal.com profile] callierat, and the two of us spent most of the afternoon making a prop. We may have had way, way too much fun with that, especially as we got into discussions about whether something was 'too wrong' or not. We also discovered that bright red tea will stain paper blue, not red, which makes no sense to me. Afterwards, we watched some silly movies and she introduced me to: http://www.hulu.com/the-lxd, which was awesome. I ended up crashing on their couch, and then went home the next morning.

Spent most of Sunday day sitting around playing games on the computer while [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano blazed his way through a book. Eventually we headed out to pick up [livejournal.com profile] sithlorddarren and head out to RJC's spar-b-que. Ate a bunch of food, talked with a lot of fun people, and got some fighting practice in. All good stuff. We stayed until later than I realized, because it was still so light out, but got home in time for me to collapse. (Such a stressful day.)

Monday we were supposed to go to another barbeque, but it ended up getting cancelled because people weren't feeling well, so instead we hung out, watched some TV, and read some more. Oh, the suffering. :) Nice way to recharge for the rest of this month. (I looked at my calendar and realized that if I go to everything I'm supposed to, I have only one day for the rest of the month where there isn't something scheduled. Crazy.)
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Saturday went out to 5 Wits Espionage for [livejournal.com profile] winterswan's birthday. It was a lot of fun trying to solve puzzles and stuff, though I think that the 'guide' was a bit confused about our approach.

"I have a tool so you won't need to pick locks or anything."

Our group: "Awwww."

And I totally was ready to jump our guide at the end if he turned out to be the mole.

After that it was out to dinner, which was a lot of fun. Got to hang out with a lot of cool people, many of whom I haven't spent much time with outside of larps.

The weather was sort of atrocious, but hey, otherwise a great day.

Sunday was devoted to hanging around the house, making myself a hood (should be warm), and making manicotti, which I haven't made in way too long.

Yesterday my work remained open, but I got permission to work from home. Which was good, because there was no way I was going anywhere in that snow. I spent most of the day alternating between work and shoveling. Every year I forget how much work it is to toss a shovelful of snow onto a pile taller than my head, and every year nature reminds me. My arms/shoulders hate me today, and picking up small objects is way more of a challenge than it should be.

But I did manage to pretty much stay on top of the shoveling, so this morning all I had to do was clean off my car one more time and I was able to pull right out of the driveway, no problems.
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So, last week a long week was topped off by one of my fillings falling out Thursday evening. Arg. I managed to get an emergency dental visit, where they confirmed that it was a filling and not a piece of tooth (thank goodness), and that they could put it back in, but they'd have to squeeze me in around other appointments. Several hours later I left with a new filling and half of my face being numb.

I was not in the best shape, and I need to use up some vacation time anyway, so I let work know I wasn't coming back and went home and lie down for a while.

Eventually, I headed up to Shadowgear and hung out there for a while and got to chat with some people I don't see very often outside of larps, which was fun. We stayed there a bit too late playing games, especially given that [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano had to work on Saturday.

On Saturday, I slept in, and then headed back out to Shadowgear for more hanging out. Got to see a bunch of people, and mostly just played more games, while working on a crochet project (made some good progress on that). Eventually [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano got out of work and we got to hang out together. In the evening we ordered food from a local pizza place, and ended up with SURPRISE! cookies because of some event that was going on, so that was fun.

On Sunday, I slept in while [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano went to work. Again. (Sensing a theme?) When he got out, we devoted the rest of the day to sitting around watching football of varying flavors, finishing up with watching the Patriots beat Chicago in their own stadium. I felt bad for the Chicago fans, braving that awful weather to watch their team get embarrassed.

All in all, a relaxing weekend. Just what the doctor ordered before holiday craziness begins.
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Fun weekend with a lot of different stuff. )

On Sunday night, I was so sore from NPCing Valhalla that I could barely climb into bed, and all day yesterday I was walking funny. I blame the armor I wore for one RP mod, which I later found out weighed 30 lbs. Lesson learned. I knew I was in trouble when I could feel the weight of it as I walked over to the mod, but didn't realize how bad it'd be. So I'm blaming the armor. That, or being out of shape.

Sadly, there's nothing to be done for really sore muscles but to actually move them, so I took a long walk yesterday at lunch, and again today, and I'm almost not limping now. Should be good in time to beat myself up again NPCing Mirror-Mirror this weekend.
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It was a weird weekend for me.

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fun weekend

Sep. 7th, 2010 09:45 am
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Was a fun long weekend. Not terribly productive, and probably didn't get as much sleep as I should have going into larp season, but still a lot of fun. The weekend went incredibly fast, and I'm just not sure where the entire weekend disappeared to.

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Had a good weekend. Went to [livejournal.com profile] winterswan's pool party. Ate way too much food, talked to lotsa people (mostly larp-talk, but we managed to hit anime, movies, work, crazy people, and dogs along the way), and got to go swimming. And this time I slathered on enough sunscreen that I didn't come out of it looking like a lobster. Very much fun.

On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano and I did a Bones marathon in between futzing around on our computers.

Sadly, Sunday night I didn't sleep so well, so I was a wreck yesterday, but last night I slept like a log and had no dreams more interesting than thinking about my father's Christmas present (no, really), so I'm feeling good today. :)

Oh, also, last weekend we went to see Ovo (some awesome friends gave us the tickets as a present), and it was awesome. Costumes were very cool (Madrigal players are lucky RJC hasn't seen it or we'd be doing bug plot for the rest of existence), and there were some absolutely fantastic performances (in addition to the just very cool ones). Favorites included the little Chinese girl jugglers (who juggled with their feet), the aerial act, the guy on the not-tightrope, and the weird wall-trampoline stuff. :)

fun weekend

Jun. 1st, 2010 04:25 pm
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Had a really fun long weekend. My only complaints for the weekend are:
1. I got eaten alive by bugs
2. I forgot to turn off my automatic alarm, so I got woken up early-ish Monday morning.

Really, when that's the worst you can say about a weekend, that's pretty good. :)

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fun weekend

May. 3rd, 2010 10:01 am
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Was a fun and relatively low-key weekend, which is good leading up to three weeks in a row of larping.

Friday night [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano and I sat around and watched some Bones episodes on DVR, which was fun.

Saturday I went over to [livejournal.com profile] ezrem's place and the two of us chatted and sewed stuff all day. I got a costume I need for next week's Madrigal done, which is good, and also continued on with project 'use up extra fabric'. I made this odd dress/vest thing out of blue and black fleece, so I have something warm and fightable if I need it at some point.

Sunday was devoted to being exceedingly lazy (except at the very beginning, when I finished up my blue/black thing while [livejournal.com profile] sarrciano was sleeping in). Aside from that, we watched the rest of the Bones, then sat down and worked our way through all the Mentalist and Burn Notice episodes we had on DVR. Fun way to pass a lazy day, except it was a little too hot.

Now I've got thirty million letters to finish writing for Madrigal, as well as a few more write-ups and some prop thingees to get done before the event...

Head starting to melt...
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Had a terrifically fun weekend.

Spent the weekend at [livejournal.com profile] kumir_k9's place, playing board/card games and talking. And then talking some more. And playing with fire. And then playing some more games. And eating yummy food. And then staying up too late talking. And then there was more talking, more games, and finally a hilarious movie.

Good friends, lots of fun. Was awesome to get to see/hang out with people when we're actually ourselves, and not at larps (though larping dominated most of the conversations). Totally need to do that again at some point.
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I had a very busy (but fun) weekend.

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