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Life continues to be busy and at least moderately stressful, but onwards and upwards and all that good stuff.

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Things are going well-ish. I was sick last week, now I'm mostly over that cold, which is nice. Spent most of last week on job search type things and doing lots of Madrigal write-ups and stuff.

I'm in a funny place, Madrigal-wise. We were stressed when we realized after 7V that we had to throw out most of our schedule and start over, given the state of the camp. We did that. Then Put Put collapsed, which necessitated redoing the schedule a second time. I've sort of passed beyond being stressed about it and into a silly, almost zen place where I'm just going to run stuff and sorta hope it works out. Little different than my normal prep.

I have two different sets of phone interviews on Monday for two different jobs, one for a CRO in Lowell, one for a consulting group in California (long story, would not involve moving). I'm glad/excited/nervous, and at the same time it's exceedingly weird to be trying to prep for these interviews as I also try to prep for being unemployed long-term. Wish me luck!
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Work today: Had a couple of stupid bugs in a report that I designed that people told me about, so I'm feeling bad because it probably means that I didn't test it right.

I'm futzing around in the test system trying to reproduce the error. No dice. Finally I go in to the actual data and call up one of the examples they gave me, and start entering that data into the test system to see what happens. And I find out that when you fill out one form, the record falls off the report (like it's supposed to). But when you complete a second form in that series, the record goes back on the report (like it's not supposed to). I (possibly dumbly) didn't bother to test past the point where the system did what it was supposed to do, and thus didn't catch that it undoes what it's supposed to do after it's done. Arg.

Second problem was things not appearing on that report that should have been there. Again, attempting to reproduce the error without success until I decide to do the same thing and just enter the data directly into the test system. And I take a good look at the numbers and realize the record with the problem is from a different place than the report they're running, which, of course, makes it not show up on the report. Arg again.

But at least I figured them out.


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