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A random post-script for Trev. Has been bouncing around in my head for a while, figured I might as well get it down on paper:

Trev kept an arrow to the string of her bow as she walked down the last part of the path that led to the cabin where she lived with Odette and Cailey. It wasn’t likely that she’d get jumped here, not with her having cleared most of the dangerous animals out of the area and most bandits too scared of her to think of going near, but it was always a possibility. Besides, the smell of blood always made it more likely something would come for her, and even though she was only bleeding a little bit, the smell would still be on her.

But then she rounded the bend and saw the cabin with light shining out through the windows, and relaxed slightly, putting the arrow back in it’s sheath and unstringing the bow. As an afterthought, she pulled the scarf from around her waist and draped it around her shoulders so that the wound on her upper arm wouldn’t be as visible, since any sight of blood still upset Cailey awfully. Not that Odette would be thrilled, but, then, she hadn’t witnessed her entire family being slaughtered by werewolves… and she wasn’t 6 years old.

Trev figured that Cailey would eventually grow out of it, but it hadn’t even been a year yet since there had been word about a pack of werewolves causing trouble. Tracking them down had taken bit too long, and when she caught up to them, they were already in a forester's hut, with blood splashed everywhere and no one left but the little girl who was small enough to hide in a heavy wooden chest. Trev had killed the werewolves, of course, but was not quite sure what to do with the little girl who cried and clung to her afterwards. So she’d brought her back to the cabin where Odette lived, with the vague plan of letting Odette comfort her before finding someone to take her in… and somehow, that second part never happened, and she spent more and more time with her sister and the little girl until all three of them were living in the little cabin.

Automatically she averted her eyes from the runes carved into the door. She still wanted to avoid magic as much as possible, but when Chione found out that she had adopted a daughter - Chione’s words - she insisted on doing magical protections for the house. It made Odette a lot happier, and Odette and Chione were always very close after they’d spent that summer together while Chione figured out how to break the enchantment that turned Odette into a swan. Trev wasn’t thrilled about the magic, but she was glad of the reminder of her sister, and even more glad that Odette and Cailey would be safe from anything save a determined mage. They were going to go visit Chione and Morris and their family at the next new moon, she remembered happily.

“Welcome home!” Odette said cheerfully, though her eyes immediately went to the wound in her arm.

“It is nothing,” Trev assured her, and then swung the bird she had slung over a shoulder down. “I got you a turkey for dinner. Well,” she amended, looking at how far the sun had set, “For dinner tomorrow.” She handed the bird over, and then set her bow and arrows near the door, which freed up her hands for when Cailey flung herself at her.

Trev caught her mid-air, trying not to flinch too much as the little girl’s weight landed on her injured arm. “Cailey, how are you? Did you have a good day today?”

“Yes I did. I saw 4 butterflies, a rat with a shield, and Odette told me a story!” Cailey looked worriedly at her arm, her blue eyes going wide. “Are you all right, Trevelen?”

“I am fine, I just ran out of healing potions,” Trev assured her, then went to the shelf where they were stored, and quickly drank one. The wound knitted itself back together instantly, and she moved her arm to demonstrate. “See? Is fine. There were only three wolves, and I killed them all.” She also noticed that there weren’t many potions left, and made a mental note to go get some more from Fen soon.

Cailey responded by throwing her arms around Trev’s neck and hugging her hard. “I hate wolves,” she muttered into her neck.

“Well, that is fine,” Trev responded easily, ignoring Odette’s sharp look. “They are dangerous.” She wasn't going to lie to Cailey, and certainly not about something like that.

Despite spending a large chunk of her life as a bird, Odette was a very good cook, Trev reflected happily as they settled down to dinner. And the bear was surprisingly tender. Also, it was very satisfying to eat it, after it had chased her all that while. Odette was talking about some trading she’d done and how she now had supplies to make some new clothing for Cailey in the bright colors she’d requested, of which Trev heartily approved. Cailey was oddly quiet, though, and kept looking at the sword Trev had still slung across her back.

“Trevelen?” she finally asked. “Will you… will you teach me how to fight wolves?”

“Yes, of course,” Trev responded without thinking.

Odette’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Trev!”


“She’s far too young to be learning to fight anything!”

“I started to learn to hunt when I was younger than her,” Trev countered, before remembering that her memories were not true and that Odette very well knew that. Sometimes it was hard to remember that parts of your life had not happened the way you remembered.

“Be that as it may, I still think she’s far too young to be thinking about fighting wolves with a knife!”

“Not a knife!” Trev hastened to reassure her. “I will make her a small bow. Then she can hide in the trees to hunt. It will be much safer.”
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Haven't done much on LJ recently, but don't want to lose it/lose a blog entirely, so moving it over here.
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Well, it was freezing, but we knew that was coming, because apparently mother nature is a troll. 70s all last week, and then 30 for Cottington. Still, I think everyone came in prepared, which made things, if not comfortable, at least tolerable, and it got almost nice-ish by Sunday.

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Now that I've made it through Madrigal, 5G (Wrathborn), and actually had a weekend off (with sleeping!), a couple of PC-safe Madrigal highlights:

Was a pretty awesome event overall. Didn't get to everything (was hoping, but wasn't really hopeful), but got through a lot of it, so yay. Our schedule was a bit... intense this event. We had a lot of fights to get through, so at some point in the development process someone (probably Rob) suggested a couple of split field fights... and then that somehow became *every* fight is a split field fight and we still didn't have enough time at night, and MUST RUN ALL THE THINGS!

- while walking onto a mod where the PCs were supposed to ambush us, found a couple of bodies lying across the road. What? There hasn't even been any violence yet!

- machine mod - not everything went *exactly* as planned, but it went pretty well. Machine sounds were awesome, and the PCs did a great job of figuring things out on the fly. And hopefully they will be set for next event?

- my anaketh got a song! It was so awesome!

- some very fun RP with Eruanna, Aelemyra, and Orchid as my Eluviar

- waiting for the PCs to arrive for the Inquisitor mod, and having a hard time keeping myself in an appropriately angry frame of mind, with the beautiful weather, the birds chirping at me, and an absolutely insane squirrel screaming about... something... from the tree right in front of me. Anyway, eventually the PCs got there and the squirrel had happily finished whatever he was doing in time for me to be very, very grouchy.

- Stephen's stupid little air elemental in the Pangaeus fight. *Everyone* wanted to stab him. Also, a moment of OOG surprise when I brought the PCs up to the fight location and roughly double the NPCs that had been ready to go when I went out to hook suddenly appeared. Also, sure, I totally remember this highly theoretical thing we vaguely discussed in a brainstorm session 5 years ago and can run it through my character's perspective on five seconds notice...

- a very interesting discussion with the Vesperans

- end of the Souldrinker plotline. Did not going 100% as intended, but it did go fairly well, and I was pleased. Could not actually get to the line because the shamans were so efficient at taking me out (go shamans). Was a cool and terrifying plotline to run overall, as I got to see a lot of people that I never even thought were going to participate step up at unexpected moments. Also... the realization partway through that there's no actual way to scale 'kenning duel' or 'riddle contest' the way you'd scale a fighting encounter was a very very unhappy surprise. But it mostly worked, and I liked the story we told. Thank you, PCs.

- so apparently there is a minimum makeup requirement that I need to hit to staff Madrigal. I was all excited about the new options for less makeup for some of the Wayward (not my idea, but I was totally going to use it to my advantage), and then I played my Anaketh (gold glitter!) FOUR TIMES in the event (she was on the schedule once).
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Wow the weather was beautiful. Just perfect. Feels like it's been forever since I larped when I wasn't frozen or overly warm.

Now, onto actual game highlights:

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5G event

Sep. 9th, 2015 12:02 pm
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Had a good time at the 5G event. Was hot, but not unbearably so. I ran around a lot and healed people and hit things and got a couple of compliments on my fighting (and have got proof of the spot on my arm that I don't block, via a nice bruise in that spot and nowhere else, :sigh:). So much cool RP with people and theory-crafting and trying to figure out the world.

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Can't wait for the next event already.
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Time for a rare real-life post! Warning: definitely going to be long.

Trip to NJ... )

All in all, a very successful but totally exhausting trip.
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Was a fun time, despite oppressive heat/humidity. Bit slow during the day, but honestly I didn't want to do all that much until the sun went down and the temperature dropped.

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Actually had decent weather at Cottington for a change! Ha!

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It wasn't a smooth journey, but then, whoever expected a smooth journey? Still, a few blood zombies and an extremely unfortunate bandit hardly constituted serious trouble, and after a few days of travel, they made it back to the old estate.

Well, what was left of it. Almost two decades had passed since the House had fallen, only a little less than that since she'd last been there, and nature and time had taken care of what little Malbride and the Order had left behind. The old keep was a tumbled-down ruin mostly hidden from view by the vines that had grown over it, and only barely could she see the vague outline of the foundations. Somewhere under all of that was the old cellar, which had survived the fire and the fall, but there was very little here of the home where she'd grown up...

For a second, tears pricked her eyes, and she groped blindly for Squint's hand. He was there, of course. He was always there. Fathom... no, she had to try to remember, Ceridwen now... glanced up at the man she'd wed and saw that his eyes were distant as he stared at the rubble. Better to break him out of whatever thoughts that were trying to grab at him.

"Come on, we should find a good place to pitch a tent for the night," she said, pulling at his arm, away from the ruins. In a few days or weeks, others would start arriving, hands to help build actual buildings and people who were willing to start new lives here, but for now, they'd be living like they were still traveling.

Down the hill slightly there were the ruins of the farmsteads, and even less remained there. Wooden houses burned even more thoroughly, after all, and enough time had passed that the ash had been absorbed by the soil. Remarkably healthy weeds grew here, as well as a mixture of the plants that had originally been cultivated. Trees growing in, too, it'd be a pain to clear them.

"Did you ever come back... after?"

He shook his head. "Not since they dug me out. We started running hard and fast after that..." he looked down at her with a gentle smile. "Well... you know."

"There's a grave marker over there," she said, nodding. Not much of one, and only one grave for so many dead, but by the time someone got around to burying them, no one knew who was who (or if they did, hid that knowledge for fear of joining them).

"Maybe later," he said, turning towards her and embracing her. "We should find a good spot before it gets too dark."

Ceridwen looked around, trying to match the unfamiliar surroundings with the old lands of her childhood. "This way, I think." Back behind the old kitchens, there was a worn path to the river, one that not even 20 years of neglect could erase. And off of that path... an old deer-trail, now nearly as clear as the path itself. The animals had come back to it, then. But she'd traveled the path a thousand times as a young girl, and her feet still knew the way. Down to the left, up over the little hummock with all the ferns, right at the old oak... and the path suddenly opened up into a small glade on the edge of the river. It'd had been her favorite place to hide when she was a child.

"Ceri... this is beautiful," he said, walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her, and she fought back tears again with a conditioned reflex.

"Only Enid and I knew about it," she said, looking around. It seemed miraculously unchanged. "I remember it being bigger, though."

"Well, you were a lot smaller then," he said with a laugh.

Without another word they fell to their normal tasks, she pitching the tent and he starting the fire. She laid out the bedrolls and carefully set the stones that were tied to Lin Zeshu near her pillow. 'Your ancestral home is beautiful', Maeda Kaito said into her mind, and she smiled briefly.

"Thank you, I thought so," she murmured in return, causing Squint... Tomas... to give her a questioning look, to which she held up her wrists in reply.

"I didn't think I'd say it, but I can't wait for everyone to arrive," she said, grabbing a piece of bread from where it was warming by the fire. "I got... used to people being around. I miss them."

"Well, Yoko and Erin and the rest... both Erins, actually, they'll be here soon... ish..." he said, sitting down next to her. "And New Liberty isn't that far."

"It's not like many people were staying there... but we could visit sometimes. And Najita and Miyako both said they'd visit. But it feels... odd."

"Agreed," he said, staring into the fire, before glancing worriedly at her. "But not bad?"

"No, not bad, just different. This... we haven't had a home in so long... it's just going to take some time to sink in." Though maybe less than she thought.. in HER grove, it feels more like home than she has in a long while, as if the place is welcoming her back. "I'm glad I could show this to you," she said, moving to lean against him.

"Me too." There were a few moments of silence, and then he smiled. "You know, a bit of privacy isn't entirely a bad thing. We do have work to do..."
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So this past weekend was the first 5th Gate event (Silverfire). As is common with me in the last several weeks, my greatest regret about the crunch of larps right now is that I don't have time to sit down and properly floon about the one I just finished before I'm buried in prep for the next one. In any case, 5G was an excellent time, ridiculously intense (especially given that we were all sort of fumbling around trying to get into character).

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Can't wait for the next event!
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Weird Aralis dream event was this weekend. For those not there, it involved a bunch of largely unrelated scenes in a variety of settings (some which fit in with the game world, and others, like 'modern club' and 'space marines', which didn't), but we were playing our characters (our some facsimile thereof) throughout. Was neat.

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Madrigal highlights (or those that I can share):

- epic kenning duel with Anya!

- hanging out with Naverilites

- walking into town as our new Zuriel and having some fantastic discussions with the various PCs.

- delivering Matt and Stephen into town and the looks they got.

- the aurora shards looked unexpectedly awesome. Also, watching the mechanics on that fight work exactly the way we wanted.

- serious discussions as Isabelle.

- Michelle as Solomon's mother. :) And unexpected but totally fun RP with Maven at dinner.

- nearly jumping the Aurora, because clearly we are destined to never have any normal interactions when she plays that character, regardless of who I play. Also, getting to meet people as Zoe.

- Xephyr and the mod of MAKE GO

- tea party of death. Both of my NPCs exclaimed at how ridiculously clean the PCs were when we got back to monster camp, and finding out later that the PCs were barely holding it together at times was even more awesome.

- late night serious talks

- discussion with elves in the morning, as is custom

Oh, also, practicing our 5G builds during a field fight.
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Once again, Cottington was faced by some challenges when we got to site and large chunks of the main road onto camp were nothing but knee-deep mud. But both the players with 4-wheel-drive large vehicles and the camp staff were great, and took turns ferrying our stuff to the cabins. Then the truck containing all of the gear for monster camp got stuck, and a large number of people jumped in and unloaded the truck and carried everything to monster camp from almost the tavern building.

With all of that, game still got started by 11:30, which I was pretty impressed by. Other than the challenges walking anywhere and a bit of cold, the actual weekend situation wasn't too bad.

on to actual highlights )


Mar. 24th, 2015 08:14 am
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Wow, been a while since I posted. Am largely using other forms of media now, but I still like the journal-ish aspects of this so I can find stuff later. Real life stuff has mostly been along the lines of, "It snowed, I shoveled, it snowed some more, I shoveled, stupid snow, yay sewing! stupid snow." That's been most of the last several months. Also, root canals are not fun but also not as bad as advertised, and I am a clutz on an impressive level. There was also visiting Arizona and the cancellation of the Madrigal revel :(.

This past weekend was Aralis. The weather was... uncooperative. Friday night it snowed, enough to make the roads dangerous (which I think caught a lot of us by surprise), and there was a foot of snow-pack on the ground most everywhere, solid enough that people were slinging totes onto their shoulders and then stepping up onto the snow to walk (cause it was a lot safer and more direct than using the paths). Then there was the cold, a bit of melting on Saturday day, and then yet more cold which resulted in most of the game just collapsing after a few major encounters Sat night. Then there was more cold! I love my mattress pad.

Anyway, on to highlights )
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Good times at Madrigal. The cold was a little brutal, but not as bad as it could have been, second weekend in November.

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Had a fun time at Aralis this weekend. Feeling mostly like an observer in the entire thing, but still had a bunch of fun scenes.

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