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Was one of those wierd weekends in which I engaged in both 'normal' and larping activities, which always does strange things to my brain.

Saturday I went to a wedding with D and his family, which was nice, even though I knew no one there, and they knew almost no one. Ended up sitting with someone who I believe is the mother of a woman who is engaged to one of their cousins. I think. She was neat, though, and had a fun time talking with the people at the table.

After the wedding ended, we drove down to Karauth (with several stops along the way because people had forgotten stuff like pants and the bag that held everything their character possessed - oops). Arrived pretty late, just in time to miss several large mods heading out, but when we got into game there was this wierd bar run by a genie (or the genie's master) where we hung around and talked to people and eventually found out what was going on that weekend.

Ended up going on a fun mod at stupid o'clock in the morning where the way to get in was play a game of pick-up-sticks. I haven't played that in forever (it's a fun, game, too, although this barely counted as 'playing' it), and had a minor panic attack when I wasn't sure if I was going to remember how to play it, given the lateness of the hour and the presence of fighters attempting not to step on us. Rough (but fun) fight where I ran out of spells and hit the kill-him-to-fix-paralysis level of casting.

There was also an unintentionally hilarious encounter with an NPC who was blatantly making stuff up (like stats, races, and calls) as he... well, not really sure what he was doing, but it ended up being really funny anyway, when we were mocking him afterwards (plot had no idea what he was doing and were horrified - though amused - by the story-telling).

I also got to play the worst fighter ever when I discovered that my spells wouldn't really affect things on a mod Sunday morning, and I spent a good long while just attempting to block.

Overall had fun there, despite the long drive and arriving late and having no idea what was going on. Good weekend. Have also discovered that *all* it takes for me to fall into Omi mode is having a couple of braids hanging down in front of my face.

Oh, and now I want to go play pick-up-sticks with someone.

Date: 2007-08-20 05:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] last-real-angel.livejournal.com
We got to do marbles :p

Date: 2007-08-20 09:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jjmarika.livejournal.com
Nice, although by the time we were there, that might have been an exercise in frustration. There was so much dirt on the floor that the sticks wouldn't lie right for our game, marbles would have been worse.

But that's another good game that I haven't played in a while.

Date: 2007-08-20 09:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] last-real-angel.livejournal.com
"I thought it was a spell packet?"

Date: 2007-08-20 08:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whatkyndylan.livejournal.com
How about Jacks. When was the last time you played that?

Sounds like a fun, if crazy weekend.


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